St George’s Day at The London Cocktail Club

London Cocktail Club

The London Cocktail Club, a 21st-century gin palace with walls emblazoned with the Union Jack and a playlist of the best British bands, is an apt place to toast St George on 23 April.

Barman JJ Goodman will be serving up English-themed cocktails with a side order of cheeky English humour.

Try tea total, a mixture of breakfast tea syrup, cynar, gin and apricot with a splash of pineapple juice. English roses can sip a rose-petal martini, a blend of rosewater, Martini rosato and Briottet rosé, lengthened with cranberry juice. Alternatively, anarchists can sample the Brixton riot, a combination of peach, cranberry and lychee liqueurs, decorated with half a passionfruit that’s flambéed in overproof rum at the table. Prices start from £7.50.

Snacks include sausage-and-mustard lollipops, black-pudding Scotch eggs, and an all-English cheese board, as well as sweets such as penny chews.