Native oyster season at Le Pont de le Tour

Le Pont De Tour
On Friday 4 September Le Pont de la Tour will host the final leg of the Thames Festival Oyster Run, marking the beginning of the native British oyster season. Reviving an old tradition, six ‘Oyster Smack' boats will race their oyster cargos from the different oyster growers on the Kent and Essex coastlines, finishing at Le Pont de la Tour on Butler's Wharf at 1pm. These vessels were traditionally used as fishing boats (using only sails as a means of propulsion) and have now been restored to their former glory. The oysters are all produced by local growers in Brightlingsea and Whitstable in the Thames Estuary and will be served in the restaurant throughout the following week, where guests will have the opportunity to discover the subtle differences in taste between oysters grown in different locations.