Goan Food Feast

Forever popular with holiday makers, the famed region of Goa, on the west coast of India, offers distinctive cuisine replete with strong Portuguese influences. Indian Zing’s Goan Food Feast follows in the wake of last year’s successful festival. Start with mussels caldine (a mussel broth of fresh green herbs & spices with coconut milk) & sarapatel (pork with a distinct flavour of dried, red Goan paste marinated in palm vinegar, served with sanna, a steamed rice cake, radish & beetroot salad. Mains include well-known classics such as pork vindaloo (slow-cooked with spices & served with lemon rice or sanna) & chicken caffreal (a traditional Goan-Portuguese grill marinated in fresh green herbs & palm vinegar, served with onion & tomato relish).