Foodie Facts, Fun and Fame with Sudi

Calling all foodie snobs, fascists, know-it-alls and glory seekers: this is the perfect arena for you to flaunt that perfectly cultivated culinary mind of yours in the presence of like-minded peers and worthy opponents. Forgot how many Twitter followers you might have, this isn't a popularity contest. Winning is de rigeur in order to differentiate a hardcore foodie from the fluff.

Do you eat out daily? Do you know the latest restaurants openings and foodie trends to sweep the capital, or even the world? If so, this is your kind of quiz.

Join Sudi Pigott, a freelance food and travel writer, restaurant reviewer, food trend consultant, the author of “How to be a Better Foodie”, and most important of all, a self-proclaimed food quiz mistress every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm at the City's Bird of Smithfield for a chance at being crowned the true foodie king or queen.

Tickets cost £22 and can be purchased here.