‘Extreme Grape vs Grain’ at The Draft House

The Draft House at Tower Bridge is hosting a series of tasting debates that pit radical wines and beers against each other.

Beer buff and owner of The Draft House chain, Charlie McVeigh, will be backing the brews being tasted by guests, while wine enthusiast and writer Tom Harrow – otherwise known as WineChap – will speak up for the grape-based side of proceedings.

The Draft House’s executive chef, Richard Shucksmith, has developed a sharing menu of the pub’s signature dishes to enjoy with the drinks, including Scotch egg, beer-battered haddock with chips, sticky toffee pudding and more. Other distractions will include a poetry reading and an arm-wrestling competition, with drinkable prizes.

29th November 2011
‘California Uber Alles’ Extreme Thanksgiving Grape vs. Grain

24th January 2012
‘Love in a Cool Climate’ Extreme English Grape vs. Grain

28th February 2012
‘Clash of the Titans’ Extreme French Grape vs. Belgian Grain

27th March 2012
‘Don’t Mention the War' Extreme German Grape vs. Grain

The evenings start at 7pm and entry costs £35. To book tickets, call 020 7378 9995.