City Wine Taste Challenge

Taste of the Vine

The City Wine Trail Challenge is a deliciously fast paced treasure hunt with interweaving filming, cryptic conundrums, wine history, team tasks, sightseeing and as much fun as your group can handle. Whether travelling under cover by cab, by foot, ferry or cycle rickshaw, groups explore the historical landing point of fine clarets, ports and other wines immortalised by the likes of Shakespeare, Dickens, Pepys and other luminaries who gained inspiration in the wine lodges on the banks of the Thames. Whilst filming a documentary in a manner set by the judges and translating devilishly cunning cryptic clues at points on the trail, teams encounter an enchanted London of smugglers’ tunnels and Dickesian wine lodges as well as a host of other fascinating historical wine regions. A flagon of champagne is ready at a secret destination, where screenings of the documentaries take place. The challenge is structured on a bespoke basis and can be geared to suit team development objectives or run as a fun occasion, as a thank you or project celebration.