A Taste of Krug at Sake No Hana

Haven’t made it to Alan Yau’s swanky new Japanese, Sake No Hana, yet? Now’s the perfect chance as the St James restaurant is offering a tasting menu throughout May, with specially selected dishes matched to Krug Champagne.

Diners can enjoy a glass of Krug and the following seven dishes (£90 per person), or the lighter lunchtime option featuring just the first four dishes (£65 per person).

Horenso goma ae
(spinach with sesame)
Tuna and octopus sashimi

Chilean sea bass in a houba leaf

Salmon, yellowtail and turbot sushi

Ebi fry
(prawns fried in breadcrumbs)
Poulet noir ni
(Japanese chicken casserole)
Unagi no hitsumabushi
(eel with egg and rice)

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