A Night in Dining Armour at Green Door Steakhouse

Can’t decide what to wear for dinner? Simple, go along to Green Door Steakhouse this Christmas and deck yourself out in a chain mail suit.

Wanting to satisfy the Health and Safety officers who insisted that diners wear a protective glove when carving the menu’s five rib roast beef joint, the restaurant has gone one better and now supplies those wielding the twelve-inch bulbhead butcher’s knife with a chain mail tunic and shoulder glove, covering the entire of their upper body.

The French-trimmed 4.9 kilo rib-eye roast, sourced from Mothers of Inverurie in Scotland and dry-aged for 35 days, will be offered to dinner guests throughout the Christmas party season in groups of ten. Customers will need to pre-book their order though as the joint takes six hours to cook.

For further information or to book a table, call Green Door on 020 7929 1378, or visit the restaurant’s website.