Check out Bounce Farringdon’s ‘game-changing’ transformation

Check out Bounce Farringdon’s ‘game-changing’ transformation

Updated on 04 September 2018 • Written By Tonje Odegard

Check out Bounce Farringdon’s ‘game-changing’ transformation
Ping pong sensation Bounce has given a face-lift to its Farringdon branch, and we’re sure you’re gonna love it.

The venue reopened last week after a refurb that has introduced some exciting new areas and features. The main attraction remains the same (the humble game of Ping Pong transformed into an immersive adventure that has taken London by storm), but the new additions have made the space more suitable for groups.

Wonderball Bounce

We’re especially excited about the fresh DJ-booth and dance floor that’ve been put in place, and which will undoubtedly lift the post-game party factor to new heights. Equally, the new hangout area for relaxing is something we were missing from the original venue – it’s more casual and more social than before.

Food and drink-wise, the old menu has been replaced by a street food-styled concept. We can’t wait to get our mitts on the lobster tacos, the home-baked chubby chips and mojito cake pops. Again, the new menu is more optimal for sharing.

Bounce Farringdon - venue hire

We’re also excited about Bounce’s Collagin – the ‘revolutionary anti-aging’ gin & tonic that contains actual collagen, zero carbs and zero sugar. This exclusive tipple is allegedly meant to make sippers look younger and lose weight while drinking it… Well, it couldn’t hurt to try it.

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