This is why you need sensory immersion at your next event

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Updated on 04 September 2019 • Written By Caroline Hendry

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This is why you need sensory immersion at your next event

This spring, Aures London in Waterloo will launch Amoenus, a series of immersive artistic experiences which are designed to stimulate the senses.

We’ve already predicted a rise in the popularity of immersive experiences at events, and it seems Aures London has been quick to get in on the action.

Boasting an urban chic design, and home to immersive technology, Aures is aiming to go beyond the conventional uses of an event space and hopes to use immersive technology as a way of conveying an artist or brand’s message. So, how does it work?

Guests at Amoenus will be submerged in cutting-edge technology

In collaboration with Aures, 3D sound artist Christian Duka has curated a programme of five monthly events, which will run on specific dates throughout February to June. The sessions will include the likes of audio/visual experimental music performances, blindfolded sound art experiences and contemporary art installations and performances.

Aures is well suited to immersive experiences, because of its impressive sound and light systems, as well as the fact that audiences are placed in the centre, allowing them to be truly submerged in the technology which surrounds them.

The schedule of events will run througout the sping and summer

To help you decide which events you’d like to attend, we’ve written up a brief rundown of what each one will entail:

3 March Edited Arts: Futureshook – Edited Arts is an artist-led organisation which specialises in themed events. From VR and AI assisted creations, to the reimagining of turntablism, Futureshook explores the ways modern technologies affect the way we act, create and consume.

3 March GUTZ Label Launch: This session will see visitors blindfolded for one hour, where they will listen to a “cinematic journey for the ears”. The partial sensory deprivation aims to help guests relax and press pause on the hectic nature of modern life.

14 April Resolution: This is an event series which encompasses various mediums, such as audio-visual art pieces and surround sound diffusion. For Amoenus, the collective will curate a night of bespoke audio and visual performances.

Aures is home to plenty of high-tech equipment

5 May Elissavet Sfyri: Performance artist Elissavet comes from the Royal College of Art. For Amoenus, Elissavet will curate five artists who will show consecutive performances that will create one piece, which uses 3D sound as a core element.

2 June Irruptive Chora: This is an interactive session in which invited artists and the audience will explore the penetrative and affective potentialities of the female voice throughout an entire day. The session will feature bespoke installations and more.  

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