The events trends you need to know about in 2024

The face of the events industry is changing rapidly. Stay ahead of the curve and check out our trend predictions going into next year.

Updated on 27 October 2022 • Written By Ellie Donnell

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The events trends you need to know about in 2024

It’s not just the fashion industry that follows trends. Anyone who works in events can confirm that the sector works in similar cycles, fluctuating between what’s hot and what’s not. It’s something the world witnessed in painstaking clarity with the insurgence of the pandemic, which threw gatherings of any kind out the window and with it, the suspension of large and small events. In truth, they haven’t really been the same since, and things are only going to continue to change (we predict) over the next year. It’s a transient and exciting time for the industry, which is why we’ve put together a few of the trends we've noticed gaining momentum over the past year, and that we think will continue to gain prominence into 2024. 


Covid aside, there are many other factors that continue to affect and shape the events industry. Sustainability is a big one, and has become a fundamental consideration for both bookers and venues when it comes to planning and hosting events. For Nils Braude, Managing Director at Twickenham Stadium, it’s a no-brainer.

Sustainability will of course remain a priority. The recent survey from ICE once again underlined how important it is to corporate event organisers and we will continue to have conversations with our own clients on how to keep events more sustainable.’ 

There are other key trends that have made their mark over the past 12 months. A return to in person events post-covid, an increase in data collection and advancements in technology are all changing the face of the industry, while accessibility and flexibility are two major considerations for attendees. Yes, the events sector is changing rapidly and it’s more important than ever for organisers to stay ahead of the curve. Check out our predictions of some of the top events trends to know about in 2024.  

Improved accessibility with hybrid events 

Flexibility is likely to be a key theme going into 2024 as the trend for hybrid events continues. Making an event partially virtual is a really easy way to improve accessibility without any cost to the host, and offers benefits such as increased attendance, valuable data insight and reduced travel costs for attendees. As long as you own a laptop, computer or smartphone (which the majority of people do these days), there are pretty much zero barriers to attending one.  

According to Markletic, 34% of event organisers expect to invest in more hybrid events in the next few years, although this is slightly overshadowed by the fact that 72% of respondents said they'd get more value out of attending a hybrid event in-person. Still, there's a reason so many hybrid venues exist now in London, and we don't see them going anywhere. 

Braude expands: ‘We feel a major trend will be accessibility - it will be a big talking point in 2024. Event organisers are becoming more and more aware of the need to be inclusive across the board and ensuring every guest has the same quality of experience is really important.'

'This chimes well with sustainability as it's about being a more ethical business, something that Twickenham really stands for. Every meeting here contributes back into grassroots rugby, supports better health, and is both sustainable and inclusive.'

If you’re still not au fait with the concept, check out our guide to planning a hybrid event to find out what they’re all about.  

Continued growth of in-person and live events 

That being said, one of the main things the pandemic proved is that people’s love for real, in-person interaction will never die. After months of virtual meetings and forced quizzes, it quickly became clear that nothing will ever compare to the joy of talking to someone face to face, in the flesh. And so, the world rebounded, and it rebounded hard.  

2022 saw many venues struggle to keep up with an influx in event bookings after a Covid-enforced dry spell, which has been a joy to see. Such is the case at Roehampton venues. 

‘We are excited to see a massive return to events in person, with clients and guests feeling comfortable in coming back together’, says Anna Fowler, Marketing and Events Manager at Roehampton Venues. The main trend we saw this year, and especially over summer, was the need to reintroduce teams, with a massive take up of team building activities outside - mainly with a fun element involved. 

Whether you're planning a social or corporate event, the last thing you want it to be is boring. Provide guests with a moment of light relief with an activity or experience that will get them talking. 


When speaking to a number of events professionals about the trends they’ve seen gaining prominence in the industry, sustainability came up time and time again. In order to resonate with their consumer audience, venues should be able to offer at least a few sustainable initiatives that show how they’re working to reduce their impact on the planet. This could be implementing an enforced recycling system, minimising single-use plastic, distributing digital resources (rather than paper) or using responsibly sourced catering services.  

In fact, food plays a major part in this. Many companies have started introducing more environmentally-friendly menus, such as including more vegan and vegetarian options, to help meet people’s requirements. ‘Key to all our events this year has been the introduction of plant-based menus with all our menus going vegan instead of vegetarian.', explains Anna. It's about ‘giving back to employees, but also the environment’. 

London events venue 15Hatfields goes one step further and employs lots of clever tactics to help reduce food waste. For example, it allows delegates to confirm exact quantities up to 4pm the day before the event, and uses an ethical caterers that's committed to using seasonal and organic produce. 

More data collection for tailored events 

Developments in data collection means event specialists now have access to more information than ever. This could be through automated feedback emails, venue search engine results or interaction on social media both during and after the event. In theory, this will translate to hosts being able to tailor events to better suit their audience and provide the best consumer experience possible. Which leads on nicely to our next point.  

Advancements in technology 

There are lots of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, which are expanding event possibilities. AI, for example, can be used in a number of different ways, from assisting planners with finding helpful resources, to Chatbots providing attendees with event information. While face recognition can be implemented at the event itself to help with security and registration.  

Audio visual (AV) equipment is a must for many corporate event planners, and includes any equipment relating to sound visuals such as microphones, projectors or sounds systems. This isn’t anything particularly new, but it is fundamental to the seamless running of hybrid events, or if you’d like to include a virtual element such as a conference call or presentation.  

Family-friendly events 

This might seem niche, but Anna Fowler at Roehampton Venues has noticed ‘companies making their events more family-friendly, with the option to invite family member and children to the day.’ Again, feeding into the idea of accessibility and flexiblity, allowing employees to bring their children along takes the stress out of having to find childcare, while also bridging the gap between people’s professional and personal lives. Family-friendly work events are going to be a thing: you heard it here first.  

Worried about something going wrong? We've put together the ultimate contingency guide for event planners to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

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