The Beer Grylls

The Beer Grylls
4 mins preparation,

This light, crisp drink is perfect to enjoy on hot summer evenings when you’re looking for something thirst-quenching. So says Oskar Kinsberg (Hide Restaurant and Bar) in an exclusive masterclass for SquareMeal.

The great thing about using beer in cocktails is its versatility. You can make light, crisp drinks like the Beer Grylls, or sticky, sweet ones like the Hammer of Thor. There are beers to suit all styles of cocktail, and with the explosion of craft beers, there’s also no shortage in quality beers available to buy.

I like to think of these drinks as reverse shandies – rather than diluting the beer, we’re adding a bit of a kick. And that’s the perfect recipe for a good party drink, whatever the time of year.

Oskar's Top Tips

- When shaking, make sure you throw the shaker forwards and backwards, from end to end – this means the liquid passes over the ice in the most efficient way

- Chill glasses in the fridge beforehand if a cocktail is going to be served without ice

- Never shake the beer with the other ingredients – pour it into the glass afterwards


25ml Diplomático white rum
25ml banana liqueur (I use Gabriel Boudier Dijon Crème de Bananes)
20ml ginger liqueur (I use Domaine de Canton)
20ml lime juice
5ml manuka honey
Einstök White Ale (see Top Tips, below)



Glass: dimpled half-pint mug


Pour all ingredients except the beer into a cocktail shaker 


Add ice and give a short, vigorous shake 


Strain into the chilled mug


Then pour in beer up to the top

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