4x Grapest Combo

4x Grapest Combo
4 mins preparation,

"You know I love puns” says Oskar Kinsberg (Hide Bar, Mayfair). “The name of this drink comes from the computer games I loved playing as a kid, such as Mortal Kombat, when they’d announce things like ‘four times greatest combo!’ With grapes in four different forms in this drink – the grapes, the Prosecco, vermouth and, ahem, grapefruit – I couldn’t resist.

“When I walk through the streets of London, I notice that everyone’s smiling and enjoying the brighter spring weather. I find that this sunnier frame of mind is reflected in what people are wanting to drink in my bar.

"Herbs are great to use in drinks because they make everything a little bit fresher and lighter, and their colour is appealing as well – it draws people in. Herbs can be the main focus of a drink’s flavour, but it’s also nice to use them as a complement as well, to add a layer of complexity.”

Oskar Kinberg’s Top Tips

It’s easy to add – or substitute – other herbs in well-known cocktail recipes. Swap the mint in a mojito with basil, for instance, or throw some sage into an apple martini. Just think about the flavours that work with different herbs, and go from there.


35ml Ketel One vodka
15ml Cocchi Americano vermouth
15ml grapefruit syrup*
15ml lime juice
8 white grapes
2 or 3 lovage leaves
Prosecco to top up



Muddle/crush the grapes in the bottom of a cocktail shaker, creating a pulp


Add the other ingredients (apart from the prosecco) and ice, and shake


Fine strain the drink into a glass filled with fresh ice


Fill to the top with prosecco


Garnish with a lovage leaf and lemon zest


*Making a sugar syrup

Combine one part boiling water and one part granulated sugar, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Remove the peel from one grapefruit and macerate it in the syrup for a minimum of one hour

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