We replace bets with bravery to take on Sandown Park Racecourse's fastest, highest activities

Words Millie Milliken Photos Paul Allen

Sandown Park

The last time I was in a harness I was skydiving out of an airplane in Kenya from 12,000ft. ‘Pah, this’ll be a breeze then,’ I think as I ascend the treetop Skywalk course in the grounds of Sandown Park Racecourse. Then why, as I look across the suspended planks of wood that stand between me and the next solid platform, am I starting to get a bit sweaty? 

Luckily, I’m on a team of other nervous laughers and it’s not long until we’re giving words of encouragement, shouting back our tips (‘whatever you do, don’t look down!’) and applauding each other as we complete each task. And that’s the sign of a good teambuilding activity. 

Sandown Park

The guys at the famous Jockey Club venue in Surrey have given a lot of thought to its new offering, Sandown Park Business Adventures. Dry-slope skiing, go karting and footgolf (for those who, like me, are incapable to using clubs) are all on offer for groups looking to get out of the office for the day. 

We combine our skywalk with a (slightly) less nerve-wracking morning on the 900m Daytona tarmac circuit in 60mph go karts. This time, it’s every man and woman for themselves: as most of us spend the practice runs nimbly zipping around the track, some of us have just as much fun taking things a little less competitively. The Ghostbusters-style overalls give us all a chuckle, but the prizes are definitely no laughing matter. Champagne and race day tickets? Get out of my way.

Sandown Park

Once the harnesses/overalls/skis come off, it’s back to the Summer Lawn and Terrace for a barbecue, Pimms and our presentation ceremony.  Alas, there’s no medal for me. Oh well – looks like I’ll be using that skydiving story as bragging rights for the foreseeable future.

£52pp +VAT includes an arrival breakfast, mid-morning refreshments, an afternoon activity, barbecue and Pimm’s reception for a minimum of 20 delegates

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