Aquavit crayfish menu

This August and September, Aquavit in St James will celebrate the traditional Swedish Kräftpremiär (or crayfish party) with a special menu in its private dining rooms.

The Nordic restaurant opened last year as the younger and more contemporary sister to the two-Michelin-starred original in New York. Now it’s paying homage to Swedes who feast on crayfish in outdoor celebrations each August, to mark when the season was restricted and they became a luxury ingredient.

crayfish menu aquavit

There are two private dining rooms to choose from (both minimalist and chic, this is Scandinavian design we’re talking about here), where the crayfish set menu will be served throughout the season. The real highlight is a big helping of the named crustacean with västerbotten tart, topped with watercress and dill mayonnaise.

Plus there are traditional decorations, hats and bibs available on request if you really want to stay on theme. The set menu is priced at £60pp, and can accommodate up to 64 in the Stockholm Room or 14 in the Copenhagen room. 

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