Saving the ocean has become a global priority and the issue of plastic waste is on everyone’s lips. In July, we published an article on what the events business can do to address plastic waste. Here is another thing you can do to play your part. 

Choose Water is the company that intends to replace the average plastic bottle with a plastic free, fully biodegradable and sustainably sourced alternative that can ultimately help save the ocean. James Longroft, founder and creator of Choose Water, has already prototyped a bottle that can break down naturally and quickly in the ocean (should it end up there). 

Choose Water bottle

SKY Ocean Ventures has now chosen to invest in Choose Water after a successful crowdfunding in June. The Venture is a £25m ocean plastic innovation fund aimed at supporting new business and projects that can help tackle the plastic waste problem in the world’s oceans.

This is the Ventures’ first investment and will help fund Choose Water’s next phase of product development and testing. The bottle should be expected on shelves later this year – just in time for you to include in your budgets for next year. 

Longcroft said: ‘We’re very excited to have Sky Ocean Ventures’ support for our new biodegradable bottle, which we hope will have a huge positive impact on the oceans.’

Choose Water bottle

The prototype bottle only takes three weeks max to degrade at sea and turns into a beneficial substance to ocean life. The bottle itself doesn’t require fossil fuels to produce and is made with completely non-toxic and naturally occurring materials. 

Another benefit of stocking Choose Water at your next event or as your venue’s permanent water bottle supplier is that 100% of profits are donated to the organisation Water For Africa.  

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