Look up from your computer screen and have a quick glance across the office. How many people either a) look tired, b) are mid-yawn or c) have complained about how tired they are today? Yeah, we thought so. So why not take your colleagues down to the world’s first ever sleep show, right here in London? 

Somnex, The Sleep Show, will take place between 12-14 October at The Old Truman Brewery and aims to provide visitors with expert tips and tricks for how to sleep better. 


You might have heard that you spend about a third of your life sleeping? Well, it’s true, and it’s a highly important function. It’s essential for growth, development and psychological processing and the quality and quantity of sleep you receive impacts your health and your performance at work. 

Yet, according to the Lisa Artis, sleep advisor at the UK Sleep Council, poor sleep is one of the most common problems facing the work force (apparently, more than 30% of the UK population suffer from it).


We therefore think it’s about time you drag your colleagues and staff down to Somnex for some professional advice, sleep products and interactive experiences. How does yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes sound? Or what about a napping workshop or a sound bath? You can also catch talks from leading sleep experts (including people from multinational corporations) or book your team in for private sleep consultations (pre-booking available).  

Tickets are £15pp and the first day of the show is reserved for trade and corporate attendees. Not only can the educational value of the show benefit the overall performance of your staff, but it can be a fun bonding day out. 

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