Seven summery soft drinks that are perfect for your picnic basket

Kingsdown’s range of elegant non-alcoholic drinks will help to beat the heat

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Seven summery soft drinks that are perfect for your picnic basket

Non-alcoholic beverages are a hot topic at the moment, and many Londoners have found themselves looking for booze-free alternatives to enjoy in the last days of the summer sunshine, beyond the predictable can of Diet Coke. 

Drinks brand Kingsdown has a range of healthy bottled sparkling drinks with no added sugar to sip on when you’re staying away from booze.

Whatever the reason for your tee-totalling, Kingsdown’s range of sparkling drinks beat any pool-side alcopop by serving up its own thirst quenchers that are filled with real fruit juice and spring water.

Kingsdown has released seven refreshing variants containing only natural sugars in the sophisticated Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés bottles. Sip on the likes of Ginger Beer and Cloudy Lemonade, as well as a choice of flavours in the Sparkle range including Elderflower Rhubarb, Apple, Orange, and Blackcurrant Sparkle.

Pressés are traditionally made from freshly squeezed juice, sugar and ice, and despite coming in a bottle, Kingsdown’s range has that distinctively freshly pressed taste without the added sugar.

Kingsdown's range also proves that alcohol-free drinks don’t have to be syrupy cordials or sugary soft drinks without any real fruit in them, as the brand's sparkling alcohol alternatives take pride in using the best real ingredients in every bottle. The fruit juices are sourced from top quality farms specialising in producing natural fruit juices, which are then blended with Kingsdown pure spring water. In the range, you'll find rhubarb which has come from proudly British family-run farms in Essex, lemon juice from the lemon groves of Sicily, blackcurrants from Herefordshire, and oranges straight out of Spain.

The drinks are poured into elegant glass bottles with the 330ml serving sizes subtly covered in tasteful layered illustrations to demonstrate the depth of flavour in the drink. As well as being visually pleasing, the snazzy resealable bottles are also perfect for sipping on the go, small and slender enough to fit into your bag or picnic basket. 

If you’re looking for a healthy soft drink with a light and refreshing taste, pack a bottle or two of Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés into your picnic basket and you’ve got a day out sorted.

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This article was sponsored by Kingsdown Water.

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