Wetherspoons chef suspended after revealing how dishes are made on TikTok

His behind-the-scenes videos showed how dishes including the pub chain's full English breakfast and chicken korma are made

Updated on 16 September 2020 • Written By Henry Coldstream

Wetherspoons chef suspended after revealing how dishes are made on TikTok

A chef at Wetherspoons has been suspended from his job, after posting a series of now viral videos in which he showed how some of the pub chain's classic dishes were made.


Tiktok user J Salsa had been getting mixed reactions to his videos, some of which have garnered over a million views, from users. Some were pleasantly surprised to find that dishes such as the full English Breakfast were cooked from scratch rather than made in advance and reheated. Whereas the news that dishes including Wetherspoons' chicken korma are just reheated in the microwave, didn't go down as well, with one user saying: "Think I'll just get a chicken korma from Tesco for £2.50."

However, it seems that Wetherspoons bosses aren't best please about the content of the videos. On Monday J Salsa posted a video on TikTok, where he explained that he had been suspended from his job and apologised to CEO Tim Martin.

He went on to say that senior staff at Wetherspoons' headquarters had seen his channel and contacted the pub. where he works. He added: "My manager has had a meeting with me today about the whole thing, the whole situation. They were really calm about it, to be honest.

"They understood and I explained my point of view, it was a mistake. I didn't mean to cause no harm to the company.

"Long story short, I'm suspended until my disciplinary meeting where I will find out if I get fired or not.

"So no more Wetherspoons videos for now."

Wetherspoons is one of many restaurant chains who are extending their Eat Out To Help Out discount, with customers still able to benefit from reduced prices from Monday-Wednesday until 11 November.

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