Tourist pays £175 for lobster at fancy restaurant, then releases it back into sea

'I thought she was joking', reports the co-owner of the Italian seafood restaurant.

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Tourist pays £175 for lobster at fancy restaurant, then releases it back into sea

A Swiss tourist visiting an upmarket seafood restaurant in Sardinia ordered a lobster for £175, only to release it back into the sea before they could cook it.  

Diners were gobsmacked when she dropped the lobster from a height into the ocean, throwing the creature through a metal railing at the restaurant.  

Apparently, the woman asked the staff if it would cause the lobster harm if she were to drop it from a certain height. When they delivered the crustacean to the table, she instead picked up the bucket and flung the lobster back out to sea.  


The scene was captured on video by her husband and another diner. The video shows the woman gently stroking the lobster, before slowly reaching her hand through a metal railing and dropping the lobster into the water.  

Co-owner Antonio Fasolino, who owns the restaurant with his brother, was stunned by the entire show, explaining: ‘The lady entered our restaurant and was immediately struck by the aquarium we have at the entrance. 

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‘She asked me if the lobster, which was in the water with plenty of space available, as happens in all fish restaurants that respect animals, could be released into the sea. And I replied: no problem for me! She then sat down at the table with her husband.’ 

He went on to say that 'at first, I thought she was joking. Then, I understood that the lady was serious and wanted to do a good deed. Seeing her joy and excitement, I was moved, too. 

'She was very happy and thrilled to have been able to fulfil this wish, and we were happy with her'. 

Another witness confirmed that as soon as the lobster hit the water, it swam away. The episode took place at the restaurant Gente di Mare, in Golfo Aranci, just off the coast of Sardinia, Italy.  

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