The Queen wants to hire an ‘ambitious and qualified’ chef

But the proposed salary is rather low

Updated on 19 July 2019 • Written By Deborah Reda

The Queen wants to hire an ‘ambitious and qualified’ chef

The Queen is on the hunt for a new chef at her London residence.

Buckingham Palace has posted a job advert for a full-time chef de partie, who will be expected to prepare diverse menus for a wide range of events, such as state dinners and royal receptions. What really makes the role interesting, though, is that it includes the option to live at the palace in London. Yes, you read that correctly: the successful candidate could choose to live at Buckingham Palace.

Chefs looking to apply will need to be qualified, obviously, but before any hopefuls start altering their CVs to include corgis and statement hats under ‘interests and hobbies’, they're advised to take a look at the salary.

You might think that the skill to prepare meals that are literally fit for a queen might command a royal salary to match, but the advertised salary is just £22k a year. This is roughly £3k less than the average for a similar role at a large London restaurant or hotel, according to current listings on The Caterer.

Of course, the Royal Household’s offering plenty of benefits to sweeten the deal, not least the option to reside at the palace with all meals provided, but the advert clearly states that the wage will be lowered if this offer is accepted – a proviso that might prove to be quite the dilemma for the appointed chef (particularly if they actually do have a fondness for expensive hats and dogs).

It’s easy to get blindsided by salaries and holiday entitlement (a standard 25 days, in case you’re wondering), but no one can deny what a unique opportunity this vacancy presents for an ambitious chef looking to learn and grow in an environment like no other.

And, let’s be honest, it’s worth going for it just for the chance to cook up a storm in what is undoubtedly one of the fanciest kitchens in the country.

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