Savoury eclairs: Maître Choux defies tradition with its recently launched range

The new lunchtime sarnie?

Updated on 10 June 2019 • Written By Kirsten Lee

Savoury eclairs: Maître Choux defies tradition with its recently launched range

If you thought eclairs could only be a dessert treat, think again. Maître Choux have launched a new range of savoury eclairs.

Fans of the traditional cream-filled and chocolate-dipped delicacy will now find a new take on the pastry thanks to Maître Choux’s Joakim Prat. The head chef has introduced four new savoury treats made from the traditional choux pastry but filled with different creams and topped with specifically chosen fresh ingredients.  

CEO and owner, Jeremie Vaislic commented on the new menu addition on its launch day saying: “Making the world a better place one eclair at a time. Savoury eclairs in store from today, you’re welcome.”  

Maître Choux is known for its beautifully decorated sweet eclairs that make the perfect Insta-worthy photo and delicious afternoon treat. After removing their sandwich platter from their menu, the new range of savoury bites could be the next big lunchtime tradition, challenging all our preconceived notions of what an éclair really is. Have we discovered a whole new vessel for lunchtime snacks that could replace the sarnie?

The savoury éclair range by Maître Choux will leave diners in a state of “culinary nirvana” with its summer-inspired flavours. The four new eclairs will tantalise the tastebuds with flavours such as the smoked salmon, with yuzu cream cheese, a sprinkling of chives and avocado; the double tomato and feta which is filled with sundried tomato and a feta cream; the crunchy spring vegetable, a five-a-day veggie snack that is topped with broccoli, carrot and cauliflower and stuffed with a smooth earl grey and carrot puree; and the protein punch: chicken mayonnaise and avocado that is filled with velvety avocado puree and finished with marinated roasted chicken cubes and parmesan.

The smoked salmon éclair is a hit with the “classic recipe with a twist” reportedly having already become a best seller.

This three-Michelin-star patisserie continues to wow guests with its picture perfect nibbles. Claiming to have already brought a “contemporary twist to a classic French specialty” with the vast dessert menu that pairs perfectly with afternoon tea, an indulgent treat on the go or a gift for those who can appreciate a well-rounded choux. Also named as the first and only choux pastry specialist, it’s safe to say that this modern French patisserie knows what they’re doing.  

Decide for yourself if these new savoury treats are #BetterThanASandwich at all of the Maître Choux branches (Soho, Chelsea, South Kensington, Fortnum & Mason and Oxford’s Bicester Village) for £5 as a takeaway or £6 if you eat in.

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