The explosion of wacky vocals and questionable outfits that is the Eurovision song contest is gracing British television for the 62nd time this Saturday. We could go on about the politics of the show and whether it’s still relevant, but we’d rather just enjoy it for the campy, fun terrible beauty it is.

Cargo London music venue

If the upcoming song contest has got you in a musical mood, there are plenty of London bars and pubs that host live music acts, including Cargo in Shoreditch (above) and Tropicana Beach Club in Covent Garden (below).

Tropicana Beach Club - venue hire

If you want to practice your vocals (by singing along), belt your way through our selection of London bars and pubs that are great for live music.

Birdie’s Crazy Golf Club South Bank London

Or if you’re a fan of all things entertainment, check out our feature on London restaurants and bars to play in, including Birdie’s Crazy Golf Club in South Bank (above).

This article was published on 11 May 2017