McDonald’s set to open brand new restaurant chain, CosMc’s, in 2024

The fast food giant is planning on launching a ‘small handful’ of restaurants, a spin-off range entitled CosMc’s, in a nostalgic bid for sales.

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McDonald’s set to open brand new restaurant chain, CosMc’s, in 2024

2024 will see McDonald’s launch its new CosMc’s brand, based on an alien character of the same name who appeared in McDonald’s adverts in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

CosMc, a six-armed, orange alien-cum-robot, first appeared in the fictional McDonaldland in the 1980s, emerging out of a spaceship in the search for a trade deal. After enjoying a McDonald’s meal with other beloved characters, such as Grimace, the Professor, and Ronald McDonald himself, CosMc fell in love with the food and became a regular appearance.


While CosMc hasn’t been around since 1992, McDonald’s is bringing the mascot back to life more than 30 years later, with its debut chain of spin-off restaurants. CEO Chris Kemczinski stated in a second-quarter earnings call that the upcoming brand would be a ‘small format concept with all the DNA of McDonald’s, but with its own unique personality.’

He continued: ‘Our new business ventures team is in the process of developing a new concept we will call CosMc’s, which we will test in a small handful of sites in a limited geography, beginning early next year.’

This move follows the highly successful release of the Grimace meal, which included a social media-friendly purple drink, in honour of the 52nd birthday of another McDonaldland character, Grimace. Boasting a limited-edition bright purple ice cream drink, flavoured with blueberry and strawberry syrup, the Grimace meal went viral on TikTok, with over 3 billion views, increasing revenue for the chain by up to 14%.

Kemczinski said: ‘this quarter, the theme is - well, if I’m being honest the theme was Grimace.’ Nostalgia is clearly working for McDonalds, as next year’s theme will be Grimace’s old friend, CosMc.

While we won’t know more information about the retro new brand until the company’s Investor Day in December, what we do know is that CosMc’s aims to be on a whole other planet. McDonald’s fans should be over the moon.

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