Someone has made a tube map of the cheapest pints in London

See which pubs near your local station serve reasonably priced pints

Updated on 18 July 2019 • Written By Kirsten Lee

Someone has made a tube map of the cheapest pints in London

A London-based company has put together a map featuring the most reasonably priced pints near every underground station.

StoreKit, a technology retailer that sells its products to pubs, released the tube map to highlight affordable pints in the capital and it has already caused a bit of a stir, with Londoners jumping aboard to try the cheapest pints. Mind the gap, this is a post-work drinks game-changer.

The guide stipulates what best-value-for-money pint is available at each pub and has strictly limited the map to pubs, not bars. It includes free houses, taverns and inns that are in the closest walking distance from each London Underground station.

The cheap pints London tube map created by Adam Stead of StoreKit

The title of cheapest pub was given to two Wetherspoons haunts. At £1.89 for a Greene King Ruddles Best at the Oyster Rooms close to Fulham Broadway or the same price for the Kozel Bitter at the New Fairlop Oak near Fairlop station, we don’t blame them. They may not be London's most picturesque pubs, but being that cheap, they certainly get the job done. 

However, the most expensive of the cheapest pints was the Frontier at £5.55 a pint at Union Tavern in Westbourne Park.

Adam Steal, the map’s creator, said his research process included using Google Maps to find the nearest pubs and then proceeding to telephone and ask for the pub’s cheapest pint. With 270 tube stops, Steal found 263 pubs nearby.

The map certainly couldn't have come at a better time – we’re all too familiar with the crowded tubes in the after-work rush hour, and couple that with the sweaty summer temperatures hitting us hard, it's no surprise that disgruntled commuters want to exit their station stops in desperate search of a refreshment with a bit of a kick.

All this pub talk has got us feeling thirsty. Bask in the summer sun while chugging your favourite pint at the best outside and alfresco pubs in London.