London cafe starts offering £50 cup of coffee

The hefty price tag makes it the most expensive cup of coffee in the UK

Updated on 23 September 2020 • Written By Henry Coldstream

London cafe starts offering £50 cup of coffee

A London coffee shop has started selling a cup of coffee for the eye-watering price of £50.

Claiming to be the UK's most expensive cuppa, the premium brew is available at the Queens of Mayfair café in Central London. As you might expect given the cost, the £50 mugful is incredibly limited in terms of availability, with only 15 cups to be had in total. So, if this does sounds like your cup of coffee, make sure to head over soon.


Coming served in a goblet, the 'Cup of Excellence' coffee has been priced based on its rarity and exclusivity. The blend itself was bought at a Cup of Excellence auction in June by Difference Coffee Co who exclusively supply only Queens of Mayfair and Harrods, and cost them over £140 for just 450 grams of the beans. While the retail price of the beans, which come from Ethiopian producer Nigussie Gemeda Mude, is closer to £2000 per kilo. So, given that the café say that the coffee is enough for two people to share, maybe it isn't as overpriced as one might first think.

Co-owner of Queens of Mayfair, Victoria Sheppard explained that the café's ethos is all about offering "the finest produce throughout the menu,

"To have such a rare and highly sought after coffee to offer true connoisseurs highlights the standards we are aiming for."

Meanwhile, owner of Difference Coffee Co, Amir Gehl said: "Not only is it an incredible and rare commodity, it is also making a difference to the farmers in Ethiopia". This is due to the fact that thanks to the Fair Trade Cup of Excellence programme, the farmer who produced the particular bean will have received the full auction price.

If £50 seems a little too steep for a cup of coffee, Pret has recently started up a coffee subscription service which, when taken full advantage of, works out at closer to 13p per cuppa.

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