Man opens kebab shop on-board London bus

It’s called ‘Last Stop Kebab’

Updated on 17 February 2020 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Man opens kebab shop on-board London bus

An entrepreneurial Londoner has opened a kebab shop inside a former TFL bus.

Firat Amara purchased the double-decker bus last year and the restaurant is now open after he and his team spent two months refitting it.

Christened Last Stop Kebab, the late-night takeaway has room for 40 diners across its two levels, who can capture the spirit of tipsy journeys home on the night bus thanks to original seating and the signature bus tannoy (now used to play Turkish music).

In order to make the bus work as a restaurant, Amara had to remove the engine, the back tyres and some of the seating. This was in order to make room for tables, a tiny kitchen that is manned by just three staff, and of course, a doner kebab machine.

If you’re wondering about the mechanics of the operation, you’ll be glad to know that all of the gas, electricity and water that’s needed to ensure things run smoothly comes from the supermarket next door, which is partly owned by Amara. Unfortunately, like all London buses, the restaurant does not come equipped with a toilet.

Speaking about why decided to open the bus, Amara told The Metro: “I thought, everything is running on social media. If I get a double decker bus then people will share it on Instagram, be interested to come and will use it as an advert.”

It seems Amara is on to something, as online videos of the concept have been liked almost half a million times on social media, while Amara has reported that customers have come from all across London to experience the kebabs for themselves.

Last Stop Kebab is open every day from 11am-3am, serving kebabs, salads and wraps.

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