The 25 secret Greggs items you can only get in certain areas

The bakery’s secret regional menu has been revealed

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The 25 secret Greggs items you can only get in certain areas

UK bakery chain Greggs has revealed that it has a secret regional menu, featuring 25 items that you can only get in specific areas.

The menu has remained a well-kept secret until now, with no trace of the items available on Greggs' website or any of the brand’s social media channels.

So, if you were to embark on a Greggs-focused odyssey across the UK, which special treats would you come across? In the North East of England, Greggs customers can order stotties, which are essentially flat loaves with an indent in the middle. Also exclusive to the region is peach melbas, which are an ice cream dessert wrapped in pastry and filled with cream.

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Down in the South East, you can find Tottenham cakes at your local Greggs – a square-shaped sponge which is topped with pink raspberry and coconut flavoured icing. Over in Scotland, Greggs dishes up empire biscuits, which consist of two bits of shortbread sandwiched together with jam and coated in icing, before being finished off with a glace cherry.

Other treats you can find around the UK include a Devon doughnut (filled with cream and topped with a glace cherry) which is bizarrely only available in Scotland, and a Choc Flake Cake (chocolate sponge topped with chocolate spread and a choc flake) that’s exclusive to Wales, while sweet-toothed diners in the South East get the London cheesecake all to themselves – a puffed up pastry filled with almond cream and jam, which is topped with a layer of coconut shavings.

Speaking about the reveal of the secret regional menu, a spokesperson for Greggs said: “Historically our regional bakeries had responsibility for making their own products, which resulted in some local Greggs delicacies. Some of these were so popular that as the business has grown, we are still selling them today.”

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“Our product range reflects the preference of our customers. So sometimes a small percentage of the products in your local shop will be unique to your area and will be decided on to reflect local tastes and demand.”

Check out the full list of Greggs regional specialities below:

Scotland North East North West Wales
Bloomer sandwiches Empire biscuit Meat & potato bake   Choc Flake cake
Scotch pie Fruit scone   Welsh cake
French fancy Stotties South West  
Pineapple cake Peach Melba Egg custard tart South East
Devon Doughnut Savoury miche pies   London cheesecake
Jumbo Choc Ring Doughnut   Cheese scone South Tottenham cake
Vanilla Doughnut Pink iced finger Bread pudding Apple Danish
Empire Biscuit     Corned beef bake
Fruit Scone      


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