You can now get paid £15 an hour to eat pudding

You don’t even need to leave your house

Updated on 02 September 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

You can now get paid £15 an hour to eat pudding

We have some very exciting news for sweet-toothed Londoners – a dessert company is looking to hire a professional pudding taster.

The part-time role will last for three months and the successful candidate will be paid a rather nice £15 per hour, with the role simply requiring you to make your way through the company’s range of puddings.

The best part is that the company, Pots & Co, will send the products you need to test out directly to your house free of charge, which means you can curl up on the sofa in your PJs while tucking into delicious puds.

The advert for the role was posted on LinkedIn by Pots & Co, with the description stating: “‘Do you decide your pudding before your main because it’s the most important course of the day? Do you have a secret sweet treat stash hidden away at all times? Is your idea of heaven puddings sent straight to your doorstep for the rest of 2019? If you’re a self-confessed sweet-tooth then we want you to be our official Pots & Co Pudding Taster.”

The advert also explained a little bit about who the company is and what they do. “At Pots & Co, we create exceptional puddings from our London kitchen for people all across the UK to enjoy. As a pudding connoisseur, your feedback will be crucial to ensuring our puddings remain top notch."

Rather excitingly, the official pudding taster will also get to try out new recipes which will join the existing line-up, which currently includes combinations such as Salted Caramel & Chocolate Ganache, and Lemon & Lime Posset.

So, what does the role actually require? It’s really quite simple, as the chosen pudding taster will just have to eat the pudding and write up some honest, constructive feedback on the flavour, appearance and texture of the sweet treats. You’ll need to be good with words too, as the company requires you to “clearly and consistently describe products and the differences between them.”

It’s worth noting that Pots & Co’s products can contain gluten, nuts and dairy, so if you have food allergies or intolerances, this may not be the role for you. If you do think you sound suitable though, all you have to do is email with 150 words explaining what puddings mean to you.

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