Calling all Batman fans: a comic book restaurant is coming to Soho

Take a culinary adventure through the DC Universe in an immersive restaurant experience

Updated on 21 August 2019 • Written By Kirsten Lee

Calling all Batman fans: a comic book restaurant is coming to Soho

An immersive dining experience is coming to London, but this time, you’ll be swept away into the DC comic book universe.

The DC Universe experience is taking over the fine dining restaurant, Mash Steakhouse and Titanic bar but still promises to serve up high end cuisine to match the interior’s elegant 1930s décor.

The 317-cover restaurant has had building plans recently accepted, moving ahead to make this superhero fantasy a reality.

Found in a listed art deco building on Brewer Street in Soho, this new restaurant will be paying homage to the DC Multiverse “without breaking the fourth wall” and has planners using the art deco features to highlight the same style seen throughout the comics.  

The restaurant won’t be a behind the scenes look at sets, costumes or a theme park of sorts, but rather an experience from within the films, where guests will be taken on a culinary adventure through a fictional superhero universe.

For die-hard comic book fans, this Soho space will be a great way to experience the fantasy worlds they love, with nods to Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman. The multi-storey space will house different areas dedicated to the various franchises and all will be modelled after the comic books, TV shows and movies to capture the atmosphere.

The main central areas around Titantic bar will be collectively called DC World, where you can find a lounge bar named Pennyworth’s after Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, a dining and entertainment area called the Iceberg Lounge after Gotham’s nightclub namesake as well as taking inspiration from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, and two intimate dining areas, Dichotomy Fine Dining and the Immersive Dining Experience which serves high-end cuisine under a dome similar to one in the multiverse.

An additional more casual area designed with an industrial feel will be serving up street food around the back of the building. This area will be named Arkham after the asylum in the Batman realm. Plus, Batman fans will love the building’s entrance, which is said to look like The Dark Knight’s Wayne Manor.

Architecture fans of the grade-II listed building will not be disappointed as the new space will preserve the art deco features and celebrate them by adding in previously lost accents while focussing on the original designer, Oliver Bernard’s style.

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