Bao Soho to introduce 15 new flavours this month

Including Philly cheesesteak and a crisp sandwich

Updated on 09 January 2020 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Bao Soho to introduce 15 new flavours this month

Cult London restaurant Bao Soho is set to introduce 15 new flavours of its signature bao buns this January.

The news will be well received by fans of the restaurant, which kick-started London’s love affair with Taiwanese steamed buns when it first launched a street food stall in 2013, before becoming a permanent restaurant in the spring of 2015.

On the new menu, guests can expect to try the likes of a Jerk Chicken Bao, a Fondue Bao and a S’mores and Banana variety. Diners will need to be quick though, as the limited-edition menu is part of a 15-day long event being hosted by the restaurant, which has been christened The Battle of the Bao.

The event will see Bao team members from across its Soho, Fitzrovia and Borough sites battle it out by creating one-off sweet or savoury specials. Taking place from 13-31 January, The Battle of the Bao will see one of the specials added to Bao Soho’s menu each day, with each entry being scored by the public on taste and presentation. At the end of the month, the creation with the highest score from the public vote will be crowned The Big Bao People’s Winner 2020.

To check out the full list of special baos that will be available, check out the below:

Day 1: Monday 13  – Jerk Chicken
Day 2: Tuesday 14  – Chip Butty
Day 3: Wednesday 15  – Egg Sando
Day 4: Thursday 16  – Taro Creamy Salted Egg
Day 5: Friday 17 – Sweet Wedding
Day 6: Monday 20 – Philly Cheesesteak
Day 7: Tuesday 21 – Bloodcake
Day 8: Wednesday 22 – The Cod Dog
Day 9: Thursday 23  – Banoffee
Day 10: Friday 24 – Sweet Potato Crème Brûlée
Day 11: Monday 27 – Crisp Sandwich
Day 12: Tuesday 28 – Fondue
Day 13: Wednesday 29– Luxury Scallop
Day 14: Thursday 30  – Baonana Fritter
Day 15: Friday 31 – S’mores and Banana

It’s also worth noting that the one-off specials are exclusively available on the lunch menu and that only a limited quantity will be made each day, so you’ll need to be speedy.

Can’t get enough of those pillowy buns? Then you’ll be glad to hear that Bao is opening in King’s Cross.