Syabira wins Great British Bake Off 2022

It's certainly been a bumpy ride - now it's time to celebrate!

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Syabira wins Great British Bake Off 2022

After ten episodes of the Great British Bake Off, the original twelve bakers have been whittled down to just one winner in the final show: Syabira.

Born in Malaysia, Syabira moved to the UK to study for her PhD and now lives with her boyfriend, Bradley. Surprisingly, she only started baking five years ago, but now loves it and often employs Malaysian flourishes (her chicken rendang Cornish pasties were a particular highlight).

In almost every challenge of this year’s competition, Syabira has excelled. Winning star baker three times in a row, she remained positive even when things didn’t go to plan. Her endless positivity, along with her clear baking talent, made her a fan favourite and a worthy winner of this year’s Bake Off.


This year’s Bake Off, many would say, has been the most emotionally charged yet, thanks to some harsh judging and whacky challenges. Even the themes have been more out-there than usual, and all of this led to a riveting competition we couldn’t keep our eyes off. To make us feel better about the end of Bake Off 2022, let’s take a look back at some highlights (and lowlights) from this year…

Janusz hit the ground with a running start in the first episode, while episode two saw a couple of crossed wires about what ‘feathered chocolate’ meant. Next, no one had to leave in episode three - a rare occurrence - although this meant a double elimination in the following week. In episode six, Syabira started storming ahead, winning star baker three times in a row. During those three episodes, we also witnessed Janusz using crickets, Sandro’s skull-adorned disco ball, Dawn’s death star cat and the controversial spring roll challenge.

What did Syabira make in the final?

This year's final showstopper challenge tasked the three finalists to bake something celebrating the planet. Syabira decided to make an orangutan which, while not amazing looking, certainly seemed to have tasted good. She used a Genoese sponge flavoured with black pepper and the fur was a chocolate and hazelnut buttercream. Blackberry jam shortbread featured too and the forest held by the ape was made from meringue. 

What do you win if you win Bake Off?

Given the popularity of Great British Bake Off, many are surprised to learn that there isn’t really a prize. Winners receive flowers and an engraved cake stand, but nothing else from the show itself. That being said, they are usually springboarded into a new career, such as cookbook writing, by the exposure.

If you still need to scratch that cooking show itch, check out our guide to Masterchef: The Professionals, which is still on!

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