Aqua Nueva will serve edible art as part of its new menu

In partnership with the National Gallery

Updated on 21 March 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Aqua Nueva will serve edible art as part of its new menu

With the unstoppable rise of Instagram and almost everyone stopping to snap a picture of their meal before tucking in, the question has to be asked whether food can qualify as an art form. Well, Aqua Nueva seems to think so, as evidenced by the launch of its new edible art menu.

This spring, the high-end Spanish restaurant will team up with The National Gallery and its newest exhibition ‘Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light’, to bring the reverend painter’s vivid artworks to life in food form.

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Launching on 18 March and carrying on until 7 July, the dishes will be listed on a specially made artist’s ‘palette’ menu. A handful of edible art dishes will be served, including the below examples:

Young Fisherman, Valencia, 1904 (pictured above) - An edible net contains its ‘catch’ of grilled mackerel, anchovies and roasted peppers, transporting guests to the Valencian coast.

Sewing the Sail, 1896 (pictured above) - This dessert has been designed to look like a summer garden, incorporating seasonal fruit sorbet, sweet jelly and fresh fruit, topped with a strawberry meringue.

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Maria Painting at El Prado, 1907 (pictured above) - For this sweet dish, the Aqua Nueva team has created a selection of bright edible ‘paint’ which will sit on the plate, evoking the same colours found in the painting, and guests will be able to paint their own designs to accompany the rest of the dessert, which consists of a white chocolate and passionfruit bavaroise.

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