This rooftop bar’s new brunch features drinking games

Including spin the bottle

Updated on 04 March 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

This rooftop bar’s new brunch features drinking games

We challenge you to walk down a London street which is peppered with restaurants and bars and not see a single advert for brunch. Whether you’re happy with sticking to a bowl of cornflakes, or you’ve made an Instagram page dedicated to rainbow-coloured lattes, it’s impossible to avoid the popularity of brunch in the capital.

With so many brunches to choose from though, and with only so many ways to reinvent the humble avocado, it can all start to seem a bit samey. That’s why our interest was piqued by the new Play Brunch at rooftop haunt Savage Garden in the City, which features drinking games.

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Billing itself as London’s “wildest rooftop bar”, Savage Garden will launch its new Play Brunch on Saturday 9 March and will be available every Saturday and Sunday from midday until 4pm.

The brunch features two drinking games which are available to order and play at your table alongside whoever you brunch with – whether that be your friends, other half or your mum (on second thoughts, maybe leave mummy at home for this one.)

The brunch features a grown-up version of the classic game of Jenga

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One of the drinking games available is the brilliantly named ‘Ginga’ – yep, that’s a not-so-traditional game of Jenga which manages to incorporate gin. In this game, diners are challenged by a tower of blocks, with each one bearing a command, whether that be taking a funny selfie or downing a shot.

What you’ll sip on: This game’s accompanying cocktail is a refreshing tipple, created with Hendricks gin, lemon juice, elderflower cordial and limoncello.

The brunch dishes include panko-crusted chicken with a sunny-side fried egg

The second boozy game, which might bring back some embarrassing memories of adolescence, is Savage Garden’s version of Spin the Bottle. While normally, an explanation of this game wouldn't be required, this version is a little different. Players will be given a board with a spinner on it, having to follow the instructions of whichever section it lands on. This might include ‘silent cinema’ where you have to act out a film, or ‘catch my eye…not’ where you’ll have to avoid eye contact with your fellow players for the rest of your turn.

What you’ll sip on: Players will enjoy a cocktail comprising of Crystal Head vodka, pineapple juice, apricot brandy and lime juice, served in glass skull.

Aside from the drinking games, there is the small matter of brunch dishes. Swapping out the typical avocado on toast for plates with a bit more edge, you can expect to tuck into the likes of a panko-crusted chicken cutlet served with siracha mayonnaise and a sunny-side fried egg. 

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