Lina Stores is giving away hundreds of cannoli

To celebrate its 75th birthday

Updated on 28 May 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Lina Stores is giving away hundreds of cannoli

Lina Stores is celebrating its 75th birthday by giving away 300 cannoli to customers.

Today only (28 May 2019), the legendary delicatessen on Soho’s Brewer Street will mark 75 years since it opened its doors, by giving away hundreds of the Sicilian staple of cannoli. The sweet treats consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling, traditionally containing ricotta.

To celebrate its milestone birthday, Lina Stores is forgoing the traditional birthday cake in favour of the much-loved cannoli, which is filled with a combination of ricotta, pistachio and chocolate. The giveaway is a chance for the deli to give back to the residents of Soho who have supported it throughout the years.

Lina Stores executive chef Masha Rener

The Soho institution will give away 300 cannoli throughout today to guests at both its deli on Brewer Street and restaurant on Greek Street. The cannoli will be served free-of-charge alongside any purchase, while stocks last.

In 2018, Lina Stores opened its debut restaurant just a few minutes’ walk from the deli, which serves pasta and other Italian favourites at affordable prices. The restaurant will also be joining in on the festivities, with a special dish having been created to mark the occasion. The dish has been designed by executive chef of Lina Stores Masha Rener, and is a Gnocchi alla Genovese, which features handmade gnocchi topped with basil pesto, green beans and pine nuts.

One of the pasta dishes at Lina Stores' restaurant

Talking about the celebrations, the chef said: “Lina Stores has played such an important role in the development of the Italian culinary culture in London over the last eight decades. It has been a privilege to have been involved it its lifecycle, from first stumbling upon it 20 years ago to opening the restaurant last year. I’m looking forward to celebrating all that Lina has done for us over a Negroni or two, our new Gnocchi dish and sharing plenty of our cannoli.”

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