A minute with Hide impresario Tatiana Fokina: "life in isolation mustn't blend into one long ground hog day"  

The co-owner and CEO of Hide and Hedonism Wines on life during the lockdown  

Updated on 07 April 2020

A minute with Hide impresario Tatiana Fokina:

It’s a great inspiration that Hide is alive and kicking with a delivery service for Ollie Dabbous’ food! How’s it going?  

It is going well given the situation and that it has been live for just over a week. We are seeing a big uptake over the weekend as I feel people are really keen to make their days off different to working days so that life in isolation does not blend into one long “ground hog day”. Lots of our customers have ordered meals from us for special occasions or as a treat for their loved ones. Some guests who used to have breakfast with us almost daily are making sure they keep their regular routine going in quarantine. Having a separate “kids-friendly” section on the menu is greatly appreciated, too, as people don’t have to cook separately for the children and can enjoy a restaurant meal together.  
Lots of restaurants have struggled with setting up delivery operations successfully. Do you feel you can sustain it at Hide?  

We are monitoring the numbers very closely and the plan at the moment is to try and keep it going as long as it is safe to do so. We have a small fleet for Hedonism’s deliveries, which really helped setting up HIDE at Home quickly.  
Is it all about marketing as opposed to being a real business?  

Of course, the takings are very different to having an open fine dining restaurant. Currently it is a sustainable way of keeping the jobs for a part of our team and providing our customers with something to look forward to and get excited about in quarantine.

Most restaurants have decided not to open up delivery services? 

I guess it is easier for us to keep going than for most businesses in the industry in the current circumstances as we are fortunate to have our wine retail part Hedonism Wines that is still going very strong in these difficult times. The size of the kitchen at HIDE also allows for our chefs to work according to social distancing guidelines. 

What have been the most popular drinks for Hedonism’s customers during the lock-in?  

Lockdown best sellers so far are approachable and light wines and all-time favourites such as Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Cloudy Bay Sauvignon and Miraval Rosé. Brands that people are used to drinking in restaurants and bars, affordable and with lower alcohol levels.  

We’ll drink to that. A perfect (some might say only) way to enjoy the lock-in!  

Tatiana Fokina is the CEO of Hide Bar & Restaurant and Hedonism in Mayfair, alongside her partner Yevgeny Chichvarkin  

FAST FACT: the most expensive bottle at Hedonism is an 1847 Chateau d’Yquem at £96,400.   

PHONE: 0203 146 8666

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