12 of the best coffee cocktails in London

From Espresso Martinis to White Russians – here’s how to get your coffee fix in cocktail form

Updated on • Written By Tonje Odegard

12 of the best coffee cocktails in London

It’s London Coffee Festival this week, and what better way to celebrate it than helping yourselves to the capital’s best coffee cocktails. Below are our top picks and where to get them


The Espresso Martini at Oxo Tower Bar, South Bank

London has proven to have a wellspring of appetite for espresso martinis, and you can get yours with a side of gorgeous views in the Oxo Tower Bar. Take in the likes of St Paul’s Cathedral, the City’s skyscrapers and the capital’s many bridges from the South Bank, while sipping on a well-turned EM.    

How much £13


The White Russian at Lino, City

A traditional White Russian is usually only made with coffee liqueurs such as Kahlua, but newly opened Lino has added its own twist to the much-loved cocktail. Vodka, cacao mix, coffee and half & half (milk and cream) make up the fancy-looking tipple. Drink it as it’s served for levels of flavour (the cool way), or stir it to it’s chocolate milk-coloured like they do in The Big Lebowski (the ultra-cool way).    

How much £10


The Chestnut Espresso Martini at Native, London Bridge

As with everything at Native, the signature espresso martini is made with leftovers (the restaurant has a zero-waste ethos wherever possible). Waste coffee grains liquor and vodka are blended with an in-house chestnut infused syrup for a warmer, gentler espresso martini.  

How much £9.50


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The Nitro Espresso Martini at Fare Bar + Canteen, Clerkenwell  

With Sager + Wilde behind this fairly new City restaurant, we are already mightily impressed with the wine list. But we were equally impressed (and pleased) to find out that its take on an espresso martini works a treat, too. Absolut Vodka, cold brew coffee and coffee liqueur make up this simple, but entirely delicious cocktail.

How much £7.50


The Jaffa Cappuccino Martini at Earth Kitchen, Stoke Newington

Head to Hackney’s new hot-spot for an elevated espresso martini where the traditional cocktail meets a chocolate orange. For added warmth, flavour and depth, the team (headed up by chef Chris Gillard) blends Grey Goose vodka, Kahlua, cream and espresso with tonka beans, chocolate powder and orange liqueur.

How much £9.50


The Espresso Martini at Milk Beach, Queen’s Park

This prettily tea-lit organic bar feels right at home on Queen’s Park’s prettiest street. It specialises in serving good-quality coffee, made from beans roasted in-house on a weekly basis. This is used in the newly launched Espresso Martini (double espresso, alongside equal parts of Belvedere Vodka and Kahlua). The current roast is from Kenya, meaning the cocktail will offer citrus and spice notes.

How much £8.50


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The Gande Sapne at Dum Biryani House, Soho

For a hit of spice with your coffee cocktail, head to Dum Biryani House, who serves up a storm of flavours in its drink of cardamom, sesame seeds, vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. If you’re hungry for more spice, and just hungry in general, you should try its lime-doused, tender chicken wings.  

How much £8


The Baglioni Ristretto at Brunello Bar, Kensington

The Italians know their coffee – this much we know. So heading to the Italian bar and kitchen at the Baglioni Hotel for its signature coffee cocktail is a no-brainer. It offers a standard espresso martini too, but the Baglioni Ristretto knocks it out of the park (so does the price tag, mind you). A sea salt-coated martini coupe is filled with the delicious blend of cocoa and tonka bean-infused vodka, salted caramel liqueur, espresso, Khalua, vanilla syrup and vanilla essence – yum!

How much £18


The Espresso Martini at 10 Greek Street, Soho  

This pint-sized Soho favourite sources its coffee from Nude Coffee Roasters, one of London leading independent roasters, and is utterly delicious. When mixed with vanilla vodka, creme de cacao and Kahlua, though? Even better.

How much £8.50


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The Charlie Chaplin at Number Five, City

Apart from the funny name, this coffee-infused cocktail is worth the order. Dark-matter rum is mixed with dark-matter orange liquor and orgeat syrup, orange bitters, and – of course – espresso. Slick, elegant and conveniently located, the bar and restaurant at The Devonshire Club is great for a post-work drink.

How much £14


The Indian Espresso at Lokhandwala, Fitzrovia  

If you want an Indian twist to your espresso martini, there’s no-where better to go than Lokhandwala. The in-house coffee liqueur used for it encloses the essence of India with a secret recipe blended with the finest Indian spices and Arabic coffee beans. 

How much £12


The Casino Royale at B&H Bar, Fitzrovia


Bourne & Hollingsworth is widely considered the absolute cocktail masters of London, and this is demonstrated with its coffee-inspired cocktail, channelling the Scottish roots of James Bond. Glendalough double barrel Irish whiskey is mixed with Mr Black coffee liqueur and espresso for a heavenly drink.

How much £9.50 


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