Tay Do Cafe

60 Kingsland Road , London, E2 8DP

SquareMeal Review of Tay Do Cafe

Tay Do Café is one of the old guard of Kingsland Road Vietnamese restaurants. It hasn’t brought in the consultants or had a fancy-schmancy makeover; it has simply carried on offering a tried & tested package of cheap nosh, dodgy interior & seemingly uninterested, sometimes tetchy, staff. The menu is a lengthy read – hitting well over 200 dishes, running from dreary Chinese takeaway-style standards to more distinctive fresh herb & pork skin rolls; crunchy deep-fried tilapia with salt, lemongrass & chilli; & sour soup with Mekong catfish. The venue is unlicensed & corkage is free, so bills, already low, stay low.

Tay Do Cafe Location

60 Kingsland Road , London E2 8DP

Opening times

Mon-Fri, Sun 11.30am-3pm 5-11.30pm (Fri -3.30pm -12M) Sat 1pm-12M

Tay Do Cafe's Reviews


Food & Drink: 4.5


Service: 4.5


Atmosphere: 5.0


Value: 4.5


Food + drink: 3

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

19 June 2014

I love the vietnamese authentic foods. I just try there few times but now it is my favourite place to go and imagine house foods “fresh summer roll, goi cun as beefs pho” as my favourite with friendly service. Would recommend. .

Food + drink: 1

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 1

Value: 0

27 April 2009

I hate to leave negative reviews but in this instance I was so disgusted I can't say anything else. My fiance and I popped into Tay Do for a bite to eat one night. I wish we'd picked a different restaurant instead. It was the worst meal we have ever had. Or not had… He discovered two hairs in his dish after just a few mouthfuls of his food. This obviously put him off… if hygiene standards were so low that he found that in the first two mouthfuls who knows what else might be wrong! He sent his dish back, we both nibbled at mine for a while. We didn't even get through half of it. The staff were very blase about him sending the dish back and didn't even apologise. In fact they seemed disgruntled with us as though we were trouble causers! We asked four times for water only for it to come with the bill. The bill was charging us for the dish we sent back too! They took this off but refused to give us any other discount even though we hardly touched my meal because we put off. They said they had knocked off the cost of our tap waters out of courtesy then walked off and waited for us to leave. Well that's nice! They didn't charge us for warm water from a tap that came with the bill when we'd asked from the start of our meal. The food was horrible. The staff were rude, and the fact that they seemed to care so little about our meal makes me wonder how unhygienic their kitchens must be. Is it standard practice for hairs (and who knows what else may be lurking!) to appear in their meals I wonder. They pack people in too tightly too. They tried to sit us almost in the doorway before agreeing to let us have a table at the back. The place seemed ver popular but I'm sure this is because of the convenient BYO policy and nothing else. It wasn't even that cheap when you think about it… the bill came to a tenner for a bit of prawn toast and my one veggie soup with no drinks. I'm local to the area but I certainly won't be returning.There are far nicer, cleaner(!) restaurants down this road and in the surrounding area.

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