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18 Chalk Farm Road , London, NW1 8AG

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Inspired by their road trips across America, Joy and Simon Brigg decided to bring the ‘sweet tastes of southern soul food’ to Camden with this funky joint dedicated to smoky porcine pleasures and rocking Tennessee tunes. After a ‘warm-up’ of cheesy corn hush puppies or a mug of chilli, move on to the ‘main act’ – slow-cooked meaty ribs with the house sauce, 18-hour pulled pork, half a BBQ chicken or ‘good licks’ such as spicy fried catfish, all served in classic enamel dishes. The ‘sideshow’ comprises creamed spinach, fried sweet potatoes and suchlike, while ‘encores’ might feature baked vanilla cheesecake or apple cobbler. To drink, expect picklebacks, craft beers, bourbons, a fistful of wines and various Americana cocktails such as jam julep or spicy chihuahua (Sauza Plata Tequila, espresso, agave syrup and chilli). “Giant portions, fantastic value”, exclaimed one convert.

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Porky's Camden Location

18 Chalk Farm Road , London NW1 8AG

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Mon-Thurs 5pm-10pm Fri 12N-11pm Sat-Sun 11.30am-10pm (Sat -11pm)

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Food & Drink: 7.0


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Food + drink: 3

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Bronze Reviewer
29 May 2013

Much has been the success of Pitt Cue Co, being synonymous with long waiting times, it's a surprise there hasn't been many that have challenged them for their BBQ crown, or at least appease the growing appetite for smoked meats. John Salt may have taken their ex-head chef but Rankin's use of the BBQ ends far beyond typical American cuisine. The Rotary Bar & Diner now has smoked barbecue offerings as an extension to their menu. So introducing Porky's, an unashamed American style barbecue joint, offering pulled pork, ribs & tips with house made pickles (sound familiar?). Just down the road from Camden Lock, it's a great addition to an area which is overwhelmed with diversity from traders at the market, but less so in quality that you would actually travel for. Since trying Memphis Minnie in San Francisco, I've been waiting for some more Memphis style over here. Porky's is a welcome addition. Testament to the lengths they have gone to make this authentic as possible they shipped a smoker across the pond (does no one make these over here? I know the rotary had to do the same). Their main dishes are Memphis style ribs and tips, pulled pork and BBQ chicken cooked low and slow over hickory. Sides include garlic brioche, BBQ beans, mac'n'cheese and fried sweet potatoes. Arriving on tin trays, ubiquitous with this cusine, the pulled pork was a giant portion. The ribs were belly ribs (£9.50) which were quite tender and subtle smokey flavour hidden underneath the BBQ sauce. The house pickles were a bit of a disappointment mainly due to my dislike of beetroot but the vingear overpowered the rest of the pickles. The pulled pork (£8.75) was great; deep smokey flavour and very succulent. The sides were a mixed bunch, the mac'n'cheese was as good as I've had, and the sweet potato fries were brilliant – would have these over conventional chips any day. The BBQ beans were a bit bland, lacking in seasoning. The garlic brioche was inspired, could have eaten a whole loaf worth of this, or at least enough to make me gluten intolerant. It's fantastic value as well, just about £75 between 3, including drinks, dessert and a side each. Perfect as now I'm feeling the pinch after eating out too much! It helps they are just around the corner, will definitely be back. I hear once they find their feet they will have specials, here's hoping for some brisket.

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