Sea Containers at Mondrian London

20 Upper Ground , London, SE1 9PD


020 3747 1063

Sea Containers at Mondrian London Hotel
Brunch at Sea Containers
Colourful summer dish at Sea Containers
Spring platter at Sea Containers
Sea containers bar
Table set for lunch at Sea Containers
A la carte dishes at Sea Containers
Brunch on the Laurent Perrier Terrace at Sea Containers
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Spring starter at Sea Containers
Melt in the middle pudding at Sea Containers
Spring salad starter at Sea Containers
Salmon and egg bagel at Sea Containers
Brunch pizza at Sea Containers

SquareMeal Review of Sea Containers at Mondrian London

silver award


Built in 1977, Sea Containers House was a landmark long before Mondrian, but the US-based boutique hotel chain has done a good job of enhancing the building’s grandeur with a cruise-ship sized dining room that’s wittily decorated with, among other things, a yellow submarine suspended above the bar. Since opening in 2014, the menu’s all-encompassing range has been reined in a little, and it’s now focused on doing fewer things well. Small plates might promise crab on toast with avocado and pickled jalapeños, while salads look particularly enticing – shaved mushrooms with pine nuts, cheese and brown butter vinaigrette, for example. We also like the idea of large ‘family’ plates to share, such as double-cut heritage pork chop or leg of lamb roasted in the clay oven (enough for three people). Desserts tend to be witty takes on the classics, from profiteroles to rhubarb tart with Champagne jelly. “Amazing service” earns bonus points.

Sea Containers at Mondrian London Location

20 Upper Ground , London SE1 9PD


020 3747 1063

Opening times

Mon-Fri 7-11am 12-11pm Sat-Sun 7-11.30am 12-11pm

Private Dining

sea containers exterior
Sea containers bar
Sea Containers at Mondrian London s Kale Salad

The private dining room at Sea Containers comes with its own secluded south-facing terrace, and can host up to 22 guests for a sit-down dinner. The space can be closed off with glazed sliding doors that offer privacy, yet allow for a degree of visibility through to the main restaurant. A range of Feast Menus are available for guests.

Private Dining Room Capacity: 22

Sea Containers at Mondrian London's Reviews


Food & Drink: 6.4


Service: 6.8


Atmosphere: 7.1


Value: 5.3


Food + drink: 3

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 3

Platinum Reviewer
15 February 2018

Have no doubt, Mondrian London is a destination hotel with wonderful design, stunning riverside views and a very cool bar. However, the restaurant could best be described as work in progress, with scope for improvement. In keeping with the rest of the venue, the look of the restaurant is not in question, with large floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the Thames, spacious tables and some neat touches (check the yellow submarine suspended above the bar). Maybe with such a backdrop and a steady stream of hotel guests to occupy the space, the rest does not matter, but we felt more could be done with the menu, while service might also merit improvement. Begin with the menu and bewildering would be the best word to describe it. In keeping with the current fad, all dishes are ostensibly designed for sharing (even if this may not be very practical with, say, a burger). The menu is then split into veggie, fish and meat sections, with each segment grouped into smaller and larger options. I’m all for choice, but our group of four was stumped as to exactly how we should mix and match. A number of the smaller dishes struck us as conceivable mains and vice versa, while pricing was no guide, with there being some seemingly anomalous items (flatbread for £13 appeared dear, while cured salmon at £12 a potential bargain). Eventually we settled on a couple of dishes to share to kick things off and then one apparent main each. Our dishes were relatively uncontroversial (think risotto, roasted John Dory or steak) and were executed competently, even if they did not wow. A couple of our party noted that, if anything, portion sizing was too generous or the dish perhaps too rich. Maybe there is something to be said for the idea of less being more. Finally, a note on service. We had a great wine list from which to choose, but it was disappointing to see that the white wine was brought to the table at an utterly undrinkable temperature. In general terms, it was hard to attract the attention of the servers and we had to endure some rather long waits. This is fine if you want to take in the view, but can be frustrating for the more discerning diner.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 3

Bronze Reviewer
10 April 2017

Enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast at the Mondrian hotel this Saturday was a perfect way to end our stay although quite expensive the food on offer was a wide variety from cooked to continental and the chef was happy to make you something if you wanted also, staff are very attentive which makes for a pleasant atmosphere also the table we had was a window side view looking out over the river, I was celebrating a birthday so felt like a special effort was made to make things nice for us.


Food + drink: 3

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 2

01 December 2016

I have been to the venue on a number of occasions, great for cocktails on a date night or with the girls. Views are always lush, especially this time if year. I've been wanting to eat here for sometime, the dinning area has a nice atmosphere and décor is nice through the venue, relaxed vibe for dinning, a little noisy at times but to be expected in a large dinning area. As someone who dines out a lot in various venues I thought the menu was over priced for what it is. Saying that the quality of food is nice, but still overpriced in my opinion and I am not someone who is shy on splurging out on a good meal. Some love designer handbags I love designer food. The service staff were friendly, rushed of there feet, and consequently a couple of errors with cocktail orders but easy to forgive them when they are so nice.

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