Chipotle - Wardour Street

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185 Wardour Street , London, W1F 8ZA

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Named after a type of smoked jalapeño chilli pepper, Chipotle has over 1,200 outlets in the USA, & is now spreading its heat across the West End, with all the makings of a bona fide London chain. ‘Food with integrity’ is its credo, & the group puts great store by sourcing organic ingredients, sustainable seasonal produce & meat from ethically reared animals for a Mexican-based menu of ‘foil-wrapped, hand-crafted’ burritos, tacos, salads & burrito ‘bowls’ (minus the tortilla). Customers can customise their fillings & toppings, mixing & matching ingredients at will – the owners reckon there are around 60,000 possible permutations.

Chipotle - Wardour Street Location

185 Wardour Street , London W1F 8ZA

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Food & Drink: 10.0


Service: 10.0


Atmosphere: 6.0


Value: 9.0


Food + drink: 5

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 4

14 December 2012

It is just a Burrito but wow it is one hell of a Burrito. Last year I visited the States, saw this place everywhere and was so happy to see one open just down the road to my workplace. For anyone thats tried Chipotle in the US, let me just warn you it isn't the same however to my surprise it is still amazing. The fast food counter is almost identical and the way they offer you one of two options is also the same. I have been to many up market Mexican restaurants in London but always seem to be disappointed with the Burritos or Tacos. This place may only be fast food joint but its the best Burrito you're going to get over this side of the pacific.