Busaba Eathai Panton Street

35 Panton Street , London, SW1Y 4EA

Busaba Eathai Panton Street
Busaba Eathai
Busaba Eathai

SquareMeal Review of Busaba Eathai Panton Street

Ten years, ten branches. Busaba Eathai has picked up the pace of late, but standards remain high & its regulars loyal. This chain of Thai eateries, conceived by Alan Yau, gets away with things a less sexy outfit could not: hour-long waits for a berth, no starters, no desserts, communal tables. What’s its secret (aside from the Thai calamari which has most readers in rapture)? In short, it’s ‘quick, affordable, informal & open all day’. Chic interiors, low lighting & that all-important ‘buzz’ don’t do it any harm either. There’s a feeling that portions are shrinking, but the menu of stir-fries, curries, noodles & salads still pleases most visitors. The appeal of certain dishes never diminishes – think stargazer monkfish curry, stir-fried morning glory, & pad thai with prawns, not forgetting those delectable calamari.

Busaba Eathai Panton Street Location

35 Panton Street , London SW1Y 4EA

Opening times

Mon-Sun 12N-11pm (Fri-Sat -11.30pm Sun -10.30pm)

Busaba Eathai Panton Street's Reviews


Food & Drink: 7.0


Service: 7.0


Atmosphere: 7.8


Value: 6.2


Food + drink: 2

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 2

15 November 2011

I have been a fan of Busaba for many years, and have happily queued outside the Soho branch on many occassion but the last 2 trips have been below par. The food used to be great and reliable, espcially the Butternut Squash curry and Coconut rice, but either something has changed and this is not tasty not special. We visited the branch near leicester square and ordered a duck curry dish which was almost inedible and the afore mentioned butternut squash was very average but it came to £42 for 2 and this was not value for money. It used to put the giant of Wagamama to shame, but I beleive sadly it is now the other way around.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 1

Bronze Reviewer
26 November 2010

We have been to this restaurant a number of times over the last few months. Fabulous atmosphere, entrance has a great sense of peace and tranquility and the restaurant is buzzy and fun. Have been a fan of David Thompson since his Darley Street Thai days. The elegance and complexity of his approach to pastes and sauces is evident. But our initial surprise and delight has turned to disappointment as the food quantities have become simply mean. Three small pieces of pumpkin in the Aromatic Butternut Pumpkin Curry, two bites of monkfish in the Stargazer Monkfish Green Curry, small grisly shreds of chicken in the Green chicken curry! No point in having great flavours if customers walk out feeling somewhat fleeced!


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 4

Platinum Reviewer
19 June 2010

I do love Thai food. What’s not to love when the basic principle of their cooking encompasses spicy, sweet, hot and sour… something to appease everyone really. But I do find it a struggle to pay the prices demanded at some supposedly upscale Thai eateries (mentioning no names) as the whole point of Thai food is it is humble regional cuisine and should be full of flavour and low on price. Having once worked for a Thai restaurant group, I know what to expect and can therefore be a harsh critic at times. You only need to have visited Thailand once to know exactly how fresh and flavoursome the food really should be; it’s really not rocket science and as a nation we are more knowledgeable about food from the far east then ever before. Busaba Eathai in Panton Street, just off of Leicester Square is the restaurant group’s latest opening. Brainchild of restaurateur Alan Yau, creator of eateries like Wagamama, Hakkasan, Yauatcha, Sake No Hana and Cha Cha Moon, Busaba now has 4 branches in London with another soon to open in Old Street, EC1. For those of us who have eaten at Wagamama, the concept at Busaba Eathai will be familiar with casual bench seating and tables shared with other diners, except Busaba’s tables are square instead of the classic elongated tables at Wagamama. I sip an ice cold Guava Cooler as my eager eyes dart all over the menu, enticed by noodle and rice dishes, curries and sides. Pad Thai with prawns, Thai calamari, goong Tohd prawns along with red lamb curry, steamed rice and ‘morning glory’ greens in yellow bean sauce. My friend Mo and I are absolutely starving and have no qualms about possibly over-ordering; after all when it comes to Thai food variety of dishes is key as is sharing, which I find a little harder to do when something is really good. The Pad Thai is a delicious heap of wok-fried rice noodles with crunchy vegetables, fried tofu and giant prawns and accompanied by a fat wedge of lime and some crushed peanuts which I add to the noodles. Every bite is zesty and moreish with huge meaty prawns that are a world away from the horrid supermarket variety, flabby and unpleasant in odour. Chunks of tender lamb are bathed in an earth red curry sauce with lychees that cut through the spicy heat of the curry sauce with a soothing sweet burst of their natural juices. Steamed rice also helps take the edge of the curry for those who need it and the morning glory provides a nice crunchy accompaniment. The goong tohd prawns are served with a green mango and chilli dipping sauce which is lovely and sweet, but the real star of the show is the Thai calamari with ginger and peppercorns. Each piece of calamari is lightly battered, deep-fried and served with ornate strands of fresh green peppercorns. I don’t exactly know what they do to the squid but it is absolutely delicious and you just can’t help but wanting to eat more of the stuff. Needless to say after such a generous meal and upon reflection over-indulgence on the calamari front, we haven’t managed to leave any room for dessert which luckily I am ok with because they don’t offer dessert. But as in most far eastern restaurants, in most cases desserts really aren’t so great anyway. Busaba Eathai is a welcome addition to the surrounding area of the West End, littered with tourist-driven junk food stops and dodgy pizza and kebab outlets that the health and safety inspectors have clearly turned a blind eye to. So if like me you want to have a proper meal that is delicious and doesn’t carry the risk of making you ill whilst emptying your wallet of cash, then Busaba Eathai is a great place to stop for a bite to eat. It’s quick, affordable, and informal and even better, it’s open all day. Evenings can get busy which is tricky if you arrive in a group as they don’t take reservations so expect to wait for a little bit, but your patience will undoubtedly be well rewarded.

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