Beach Blanket Babylon - Bethnal Green Road

19-23 Bethnal Green Road , London, E1 6LA

Beach Blanket Babylon London bar restaurant

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Set in a converted warehouse, this East End sibling of the much-vaunted Notting Hill original ‘encapsulates the bohemian decadence of Cool Britannia’, according to the blurb. Ms Moss wannabes apply within. BBB’s maximalist décor is a well put-together fusion of funky château & old New Orleans maison close, while the mixology is similarly outré. Best bet is the speakeasy, juke-joint basement where you can sip a well-mixed pornstar martini or vanilla screw (an Eristoff vodka Collins) at £8.90 a go. Wines range from everyday Gascon gluggers at under £20 a bottle to gold tops such as Krug & 2002 Cristal (£400).

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Beach Blanket Babylon - Bethnal Green Road Location

19-23 Bethnal Green Road , London E1 6LA

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Mon-Sun 11am-12M (Fri-Sat -1am)

Beach Blanket Babylon - Bethnal Green Road's Reviews


Food & Drink: 4.8


Service: 3.0


Atmosphere: 5.0


Value: 2.7

Food + drink: 0

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 0

Value: 0

15 February 2013

Went to the venue in Notting Hill. Worst place! Do not recommend. We went last night for Valentine’s day. What an amazing venue and the cocktails are lovely, that’s probably the only positives I can say about the night. Waiting staff were incompetent. We waited 40 minutes to be served. Our starters then took another 40 minutes to arrive and were cold. The mains were just as bad, again with another long wait and cold as if they had been left on a table outside. When we ordered desserts they never showed, and at about 11.15pm, after arriving at 8pm we decided to call it a night. However they still had the audacity to leave the desserts on the menu. The waiting staff were incompetent. And the place wasn’t even that busy! I left feeling like the whole romance of the night had been sucked out, it was overpriced for what we got and left feeling hungry.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 5

Value: 3

12 October 2011

I visited the resaturant on Saturday evening with a group of friends for dinner followed by drinks in the cocktail lounge, it was my first time to BBB Shoreditch and i was amazed on arrival by the beautiful decor and buzzing feel to the place. The venue was very busy so we were expecting to have a bit of a wait for our food, but this was not too bad at all, what you would expect from a very busy buzzing East London venue. I had the steak and scallops which i have to say was great and very tasty! After dinner we headed to the lounge where we had reserved a small booth area for our party, the bar was very busy and we did at times have to wait a few minutes to get served, but the lounge had such a great trendy feel, with great music we didnt really think about the small waits for drinks. All in all i was really happy with the venue, and will definatly be returning very soon for another evening of great food, cockatils and fun :)

Food + drink: 2

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 1

24 May 2010

Unfortunately Saturday night was quite possibly the worst ‘service’ experience I have ever had to go through and put 14 of my closest friends through. It was a very important night for me as I was celebrating my 30th Birthday and assumed that such an establishment would have no issues when it comes to catering to a large group. The evening started well. We were given the private area on the front left hand side of the restaurant. There was nothing marked on the tables in the area saying it was reserved for a party so whilst I was waiting for my 14 guests to arrive, a man and woman from another ‘birthday’ party group came and sat down. Logically and logistically speaking – that area cannot comfortably seat more than 1 big group so in eventuality – once everyone turned our – our party of 15 had to share this tiny space with 6 other people! So half of my group had to stand. If you could have informed me ahead of time that we were going to be sharing this space, I could have possibly advised the group – but they kept asking me who the strangers were. Then at 9pm, we went up to the manager and asked if we could proceed to our table – which he replied would be ready in 15 mins. That's fine. The table still wasn't ready at 9.15pm and the Manager who I must say is the rudest, most arrogant person I have ever met (a discredit to your restaurant i'm sorry to say) – had the cheek to tell me that the reservation was for 9:30pm and not 9pm!! I have in writing the booking confirmation which VERY Clearly states, 7.30pm for drinks followed by 9pm for dinner. And he tells me that he took the reservation himself and it was for 9.30pm?? And he says somebody called after to change it for 9.30pm? which really is ridiculous as i'm the only one involved with this booking aside for yourself and no such phonecall took place. I really am disappointed at his complete lack of any kind of apology for the mistake and his unability to take responsibility for the mistake that took and instead he blames me, the customer? And it only got worse – 9.30pm got pushed to 9.45pm which got pushed to 10pm and my group actually sat down to the table at 10.30pm!!! which I think is incredibly ridiculous (we even had a pregnant person in the group!) And what was given for the 1.5 hrs we had to wait ? – a round of free bellini's – which i think is really ridiculous – i work in the industry and am a corporate event planner as well as having worked in various establishment of higher standing and I know what the ‘cost’ of a bellini really is. Then once we were seated, no one came to take our drink orders – there was no water or beverage menu on the table – we had to speak to the Manager again! My fiancee told him we were not offered any beverages and he spoke back saying ‘did you order any drinks?!’ i'm sorry but in a service establishment at your level – i believe you have to ‘serve’ and ask if we would like some beverages and try to sell as opposed to customers trying to track you down and order. And to top it all off, the waiter comes to me and asks me to sort out the main course numbers as there is an overcount! – this isn't my job!! – my friend had to go around the table and individually get everyone's main course order again – this was really terrible. Now we had to serve and take orders ourselves??? At the end of the night, they took service off the bill which was definitely something that needed to be done cause i wasnt going to pay for service when there was none. And they threw in 2 free desserts – wow, stop the press. I'm not looking for anything to get anything from the team at Beach Blanket Babylon Shoreditch – I was hoping to have a great enjoyable night which was completely ruined by the Manager of that night and just everything that happened.

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