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Teambuilding Feature - In the Driving Seat

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Squaremeal Review of Teambuilding Feature - In the Driving Seat ?

Picture this: you’re behind the wheel of a car; your passenger is in control of the pedals; both of you are blindfolded and forced to rely on two ‘backseat drivers’ to give you instructions on how to navigate a complicated course. You are left to work out where ‘over there’ is and how far left is ‘left a bit’. Your brain is on overload and the frustration is getting to you – where are you going?

Blindfold driving is just one of the many teambuilding activities offered by Mithril Racing, an event supplier which, based at the beautiful Goodwood Motor Circuit in the heart of Sussex, has long specialised in motor-related corporate entertainment.

Its fantastic range of original concepts also includes the amusing Pushme-Pullyou car, which steers at both ends and causes much hilarity for the team that is trying to complete a slalom course. And there’s the 2CV Jigsaw, in which a team is presented with a Citroen in pieces and has to turn the pile of wheels, seats and panels back into a car and drive it round a simple course (without it falling apart).

You might think that you have to be a car fanatic to enjoy the vast range of activities on offer, but as James Clay, Mithril’s senior business manager, explains: ‘We see a huge variety of guests, from junior to board level. Learning to work as a team comes naturally when you’re enjoying yourself, and that’s what it’s all about. The bonding element becomes apparent when you see smiling teams congratulating each other on a job well done.’

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