Ultimate guide: 9 ways to incorporate dried flowers into your wedding

Add rustic flair to your nuptials with dried flowers. These handy tips will ensure you maximise their potential to the full.

Updated on 26 April 2024 • Written By Naomi Grant

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Ultimate guide: 9 ways to incorporate dried flowers into your wedding

Flowers are an essential wedding decoration that add instant romance and wow-factor to your venue. Adorning your tables with fresh bouquets is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about decorations, but there is a new flower trend taking the wedding world by storm. Enter: dried flowers. If, like us, you're seeing them everywhere on Pinterest right now, then take a look at our handy guide on how to incorporate them into your wedding day. 


Dried flowers offer a refreshing and unique quality to wedding decor that can't be achieved with fresh flowers. Don't just take our word for it. The appetite for dried wedding flowers is surging amongst wedding planners, artists and even celebrities, including American singer-songwriter and actress Mandy Moore who threw a pastel pink pampas grass-filled celebration for her big day.

Not only are dried flowers A-lister-approved, they offer a chic and versatile twist on floral arrangements that aren't limited by the seasons - you can use them all year round! Another benefit of dried flowers is their durability. Not only do they have an extended expiration date, but they also require way less maintenance and are often extremely cost-effective.

If you are still on the fence, but think you want to give this trend a go, why not consider mixing fresh foliage with dried flowers for the best of both worlds? We love the combination of blossoms and dried carnations for a tropical vibe. Using this technique will give you the rustic bohemian aesthetic you're looking for without going overboard.

Whether you are looking to create a romantic, modern, or rustic vibe, dried flowers can easily offer the wow factor you need to impress your guests. As well as bouquets, dried flowers can be used as décor, hair accessories and table settings on your special day. Want to know how to incorporate them into your wedding aesthetic? Here are plenty of ideas to get you started. 

Highlight a variety of textures

A boho dried flower bouquet: available from Hidden Botanics Weddings

Combining a variety of textures in your arrangement is an excellent way to elevate your look. Merging soft flowers with dried grassy types creates movement and an exaggerated silhouette, while opting for a complimentary colour palette will help your bouquet pop. The contrast between dried flowers and fresh blooms is also a great way to enhance an arrangement. Try combining dried baby's breath, dehydrated carnations in tan tones, and tropical greenery together for a boho aesthetic.

Embrace moody hues

moody hued bouquetImage credit: @thedriedflowerco (Instagram)

Moody hues are a great match for weddings located in a natural setting - think rich chocolates, deep purples and sage greens. These earthy shades are perfect for autumnal nuptials. Consider mixing a warmer palette with a selection of textured foliage and dried blooms for the ultimate effect.

Create all-natural confetti

Cones filled with dried flowers These flower confetti cones from Etsy are a genius idea!

Set up cones of dried flower petals at the entrance of your ceremony so your loved ones can shower you and your partner once you've tied the knot. A beautiful way to celebrate newlyweds, assemble your cones with a mixture of playful colours to create an enchanting scene for your wedding photographs. It's a truly unique way to mark the end of your ceremony, and ideal if you're throwing a woodland wedding. 

Turn them into a hair accessory

dried flower hair piece
Image credit: @atelier.aimer (Instagram)

In the spirit of dismantling bridal traditions, why not opt for a halo of dried blooms in place of a traditional wedding veil? A salute to boho bridal style, this floral halo look pairs well with festival themed ceremonies, providing an elegant and weightless addition to your overall look. Check out online retailers like Etsy for pre-made combs that can be neatly slipped into your finished bridal hair. A low effort, maximum impact final touch! 

Make an entrance

Dried flower entrance borderBuy now: Wedding Welcome Board with Pampas Grass

Create a striking entrance by building a floral installation above the door to welcome guests. For weddings during the cooler months, combine dried palm fronds, seed heads, and bracken for a rustic effect, while dried roses and daisies would work for summer weddings.

Border your aisle

beautiful wedding aisle
Image credit: @wedboard (Instagram)

Strut down the aisle surrounded by a mix of dried flowers for the ultimate entrance. If you're considering having a coastal do, it's imperative that you keep your aisle markers low to prevent obstruction from those ocean views. To ensure your ceremony has a wild and romantic feel, why not fuse a selection of textured grasses, copper foliage and white flora for an organic aesthetic.

Adorn your place settings

dried flower place setting
Buy now: Dried Flower Table Place Setting Bouquet at Desert Dreams

Dried flowers come in handy when it comes to building your table arrangements. From place cards to table runners, there are multiple ways to utilise this trend to achieve your desired style. With dehydrated buds, you can achieve a rustic aesthetic without going overboard. Place vases filled with dried blooms throughout your reception space, suspend floral decor above your tables or use floral runners and centrepieces as an accent to simple crockery.

Decorate your cake

Dried flowers on wedding cake
Buy now: Dried Flower Garland at Etsy

While it's customary to opt for a white cake, using dried floral elements to add some style and pizzaz to the exterior is a great way to go. Preserved grasses and blooms add intrigue to a plain white cake, providing a whimsical look for your fairytale nuptials.

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