The ultimate guide to digital wedding invitations

Create and customise bespoke digital wedding invitations using these easy-to-use tools.

Updated on 08 July 2024 • Written By Ellie Donnell

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The ultimate guide to digital wedding invitations

Thinking about sending out digital wedding invitations to your guest list? Great idea! Digital wedding invites boast a wealth of benefits, from easy customisation to budget-friendly perks. There are also plenty of online tools that not only offer stunning designs but boast smart features like RSVP tracking and website integration. We’ve collated some of the best digital wedding invitation websites to choose from, along with lots of handy advice and tips to get you started.


Online wedding invitation tools offer a wide range of capabilities designed to make creating and sending your wedding invites as easy as possible. When deciding which one to go for, have a think about what elements matter the most to you. Do you want your invites to integrate with your wedding website? Would you prefer the tool to be completely free, or are you happy to pay for extra functions? Do you want to print your invites, or would you prefer to send them digitally?

There are two paths you can go down when it comes to creating digital wedding cards: invitations that you create online and then send in the post, and invites you both make and send digitally. We totally understand if you want to send a physical card so that you have a memento of your wedding, but don’t sleep on digital invitations if you’re after a cost-effective, eco-friendly, easy-to-create alternative.

If you’re still unsure if digital wedding invitations are for you, keep on scrolling to find out everything you need to know about making and sending them, as well as the best online invitation websites to make your own bespoke designs.

What are the benefits of digital wedding invitations?

Digital invites offer a plethora of pros, from reduced costs to unbeatable convenience. Here's why you should consider going paperless when it comes to your wedding invitations.

Low cost

The main benefit of using digital wedding invitations instead of paper ones is the cost-factor. You save on printing and postage costs (if you choose to send them digitally), as well as other expenses like envelopes. Some wedding invitation websites are free, others charge per invite, but overall the cost will be much cheaper than sending physical invites. 


Again, if you choose to send them digitally, then wedding e-vites are much more sustainable than physical invites as they’re paper-free! They also have zero carbon footprint as they don’t require shipping.

Easy and convenient

While physical invites are a nice memento of your wedding, digital invitations follow a much slicker, more streamlined process. You don’t need to worry about your invites getting lost in the post, you can keep and track all RSVPs in one place, and you don't have to deal with logistical tasks like ordering invites and stamps, manually addressing each envelope and sending them in the post.


Many digital wedding invitation tools offer trackable RSVPs so you can keep them all in one place. Some services even allow you to see if the recipient has opened the invite, with the option to send a prompt if they haven't responded. 

What to include on your digital wedding invitations

The beauty of digital wedding invitations is they’re easy to customise, but ideally you want to keep them short and sweet, and direct your guests to your wedding website for more information.

Name of the couple

It’s all about you after all. Make sure to display your names clearly on the invites.

bliss and bone invites
The Aaron Wedding Invitation at Bliss and Bone puts the couple's name front and centre

Date and time

This one’s self explanatory! State clearly the date and time of your wedding. You might also like to include a brief overview of any different start times throughout the day e.g. ceremony at 3pm and wedding breakfast at 7pm.

Event and venue details

Include the name and address of your wedding venue, perhaps specifying if the ceremony and reception are in two different places.

RSVP instructions

Tell people how to RSVP to the invite and make sure to include a deadline.

Link to wedding website

This isn’t mandatory, but creating a wedding website is an easy way to include all the information about your wedding in one place. It will also ensure you don’t overcomplicate your wedding invitations with too much information. Consider including a link to your website that includes details about accommodation, travel, gift registry, dietary requirements and other useful details.

Best websites for digital wedding invitations

There are lots of digital wedding invitation websites out there, each with their own pros and cons. Some are free, others charge for specific capabilities, but you can guarantee that every single one of these tools offers stunning, customisable designs. 

Paperless Post

Paperless Post invites

What: Paperless Post has one of the largest collections of wedding invitations in this list, including a huge selection by designers such as Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, and Rifle Paper Co. You can customise both the invite and the email your recipients will open, and even upload your own design, photo or logo. Further perks include the option to add extra blocks such as a photo gallery, schedule, directions and videos.
Start designing with Paperless Post


Etsy invites

What: As well as physical invitations, Etsy offers digital invites that you can download instantly to your inbox and customise to your heart’s content. It excels at rustic and classic designs and they’re all really affordable. We've seen templates start from as little as £2. 
Start designing with Etsy


Joy invites

What: Joy is a wedding website builder that also offers wedding invites. Designs are sorted by theme - be it classic, metallic, modern, rustic, destination or textured - and you can choose between online-only invites, and ones you can print instead. Better still, the entire service is totally free.
Start designing with Joy

Bliss and Bone

Bliss and Bone invites

What: Bliss and Bone's designs are a touch more luxurious thanks to smart features like shadows, textures and dimensional objects. Fancy, eh? You can also see who’s opened your invite (and who hasn’t), send free follow-up emails, track RSVPs and more. Bliss and Bone offers a range of products, including Save the Dates and website and logo creation, which can be linked from one to the other if you like. It also offers a printed section if you'd prefer to create physical invites.
Start designing with Bliss and Bone


Canva invites

What: Canva is one of our favourite, easy-to-use wedding invitation tools with thousands of free, customisable templates (although do note that some are only available with a ‘pro’ plan). You can then print them to send, or email to your guest list. The drawback of Canva is that it’s not a specialist wedding invitation tool, so doesn’t support features like website integration or RSVP tracking. We recommend this option if all your after is simple, free designs.
Start designing with Canva


Greenvelope invites

What: The clue's in the name with this one: Greenvelope is a sustainable invitation tool that boasts a seriously impressive suite of designs and functions, from personalised envelopes to RSVP tracking. You can send invites to anything from 20 to 25,000 people (for various prices, of course) and there are multiple ways to send them, including via email, text message, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or a sharable link.
Start designing with Greenvelope

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