The UK's favourite type of chip has been revealed

Including the exact size each chip should be

Updated on 25 November 2019 • Written By Aneesa Anwar

The UK's favourite type of chip has been revealed

It has been revealed that the perfect chip should be 7cm long and 1.2cm wide.

In a survey conducted among 2,000 adults from all over the UK by OnePoll for the Food Advisory Board, it would seem there is a lot that can be deciphered about the way us Brits like our chips.

The survey found that 40% of people call chips their favourite food and a quarter of people would eat them at every meal if given the chance. Unsurprisingly, only 1% dislike the fried potato snack.   

Classic straight cut chips are the most popular way we like to have our chips served, with skinny, curly and crimped proving not to be as widely enjoyed.

The Maris Piper potato was an all-round winner when it came to which potato makes the perfect chip. Condiments wise, it seems the country is divided on the best sauce to accompany the carby treat. Ketchup came on top with 49% claiming it to be the best sauce, closely followed by vinegar and mayonnaise.

When it comes to perhaps the most hotly debated chip topic: curry sauce, gravy or cheesy chips, curry sauce was the winner with one fifth admitting they feel chips are not complete without it.

It seems that Southerners are the most loyal to curry sauce whereas Northerners prefer to go for gravy on their chips. The only people opting for cheesy chips reside in the South West and East Anglia.  

It seems that one thing everyone surveyed agreed on is the fact that the perfect chip must be dark, golden brown in colour, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle with a generous sprinkling of salt. Experts on the Food Advisory Board also claim that chips with the skin on are a good source of fibre and potassium so next time you fancy treating yourself to a cone of chips just remember that they are healthy (kind of).  

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