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Jerusalem is a bar with a split personality – and that’s a compliment. By day, the subterranean dive is warm and inviting, with mellow music and chunky farmhouse tables for savouring a glass of red or nibbling something from the straightforward menu: maybe a salad of grilled goats’ cheese ahead of full-flavoured jerk chicken, some pasta, a burger or fillet of salmon with spinach and mash. By night, you suddenly notice the rich red drapes and gothic candelabra, as the DJs and revellers descend and the place casts off its homely slippers in favour of party shoes. The music is cranked up and the drinks begin to flow, while an up-for-it crowd let their hair down. Staff are usually laid-back, except for occasional off-nights when the bar is overflowing.

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33-34 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JN

020 7255 1120


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Mon-Fri 12N-11pm (Tues-Wed -12M Thurs-Fri -1am) Sat 7pm-2am

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27 February 2020  

The Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen, has a unique location for the business type of clientelle, it appears to be a friendly place, however do not be decieved by the managers and their fake charm. I worked at Jerusalem for just about a month, only to be treated as if I was subhuman. Despite the fact that, many workers are from all over the world one can value the diversity to an extent. In the long run, the managers: a chinese gentlemen Elliot, and a Conglolese gentlemen Julio; have to be the most corrupt and "SQUARE MEALED," types of individuals. Whilst I worked as a barman, I had no issues using the tills, I had no issue pouring drinks either, or even learning to make the cocktails, it took me a few days to remember ingredients and names of drinks but I got it in the long run. However, this establishment prides itself in recruiting a vast group of selfish rude and cheating people, from genrally ethnic minority backrounds. As litererally being the only white english person working here, I was met with a sense of jealousy and distrust by these managers I have already mentioned. There was aswell a jamaican british woman known as Paige who is a sny and vile human being. I was accused of not knowing how to stack the glasses, getting in the way in rush hour, because I am tall, this was a problem, this woman Paige conspired against me as she has a secret fetish for blue eyed, blonde haired men. Be warned if you do identify as white british do not work here, the slightest independent working style will be criticized by this nasty woman Paige, who will play the, "race card," to get what she wants. I was also accused of being lazy when I was doing alot of physical work: IE: lifting chairs, changing kegs, lifting drinks in their boxes, moving empty kegs up the stairs. Furthermore, when it comes to pouring shots usaully Jerusalem prides itself in giving 2 shots for a single price, in rush hour times, service is key and an element I implemented however because they are a racist company, if you aren't from a BAME community and male you are going to be treated appallingly, in rush hour I could estimate what 2 shots looked like and could pour it efficiently. I was accused of over pouring the shots. Furthermore, I was told I took a long time for using the toilet when I needed it, to have a no 2; IE 15 mins is a long time apparantly. On one occasion, after a whole few days of working my arse off and helping these selfish and disgusting individuals, a customer I believed to have had a fake note, which I was later mistaken accused me of hate crime, and racial prejudice becuase he was black and I thought he had a fake note. This came back to me, with Elliot and Julio asking why I thought he had a fake note. I explained my reasoning and apologised to the gentlemen who made a big fuss for nothing just becuase i fetched security to check if his money was genuine. If the customer had been white and I had jumped to conclusion to think it was fake, I don't believe the company would have backed them up suggesting a hate crime, which is complete and utter rubbish and racial bias. The woman Paige accused me of not working hard enough and saying i was withdrawn and unfocused at 2:30 am when i was in the midst of wiping down tables and preparing the washing machine, becuause I told her to "FUCK OFF," i was sent home despite her being incredibly rude to me and prejudice. I was even assessed by Julio to work independantly which I believe I outperformed, without additional help I was accused of being slow on the bar, although there kegs stopped working halfway through. To really elobrate my customer service skills I would make short talk with customers; however despite being steward and security trained I can project my voice to announce to customers when the upstairs garden is closed, or when I am coming through to collect empty glassware; blatently these managers did not appreciate the fact I can work to that medium and am experienced with that style of work. Additionally, depsite raising my voice so customers could hear me walk through with a basket to collect the glassware, "EXCUSE ME LADIES AND GENTS, I'M COMING THROUGH TO COLLECT GLASSES MIND YOUR BACKS," about 15 mins later a customer asked why had I "rudely," knudged himself and his drink, I explained that one would have to be really unobservant to have not heard my BBC style voice and that i was passing through with a basket of empty glassware, I explained that it was his fault for not listening when 30 other people saw me incoming. I was speedy to collect glasses barely smoked on my shifts, would pour beers fast and stack glasses fast. However as I wasn't from a BAME community and I'm working class white male this stirred up the managers. Being accused for hate crime over a fake £50 note is silly, yes I may have over reacted to the situation however there was over 20 black people in one room to actually believe I was accusing a male for what i thought was a fake note just becuase of his skin colour is silly. In fact its the opposite; do not work here if you are working class, white, blonde hair and are an independant worker. Lastly. the DJ's can't mix and have the volume on full blast that you can't hear a customer's request. Due to Paiges manipualtive tactics and female/black empowerment complex I was even requested to work on the cloakroom, just becuase I didn't flirt with her enough. The clientelle that attend Jerusalem is a financial mix but generally speaking extemely square and narrow minded; who are so politically correct they believe speaking loudly and clearly is the same as shouting. I am all for a diverse workforce and have even visited 2 african countries, but I refuse to deal with people from BAME communities using their skin tone to reach the top in the work force; at the end of the day if I bleed they bleed the same colour. DO not be swayed by Paige's flirty approach she's the Medusa, and overall Julio speaks Pidgin English/french accent better than he can communicate in english. By all means if you fit the criteria and are black british work here; its a happy family, just not for people like me. Elliott is useless and is a pathetic individual who couldn't even fire me to my face, a phone conversation was less confrontational. If you fancy being stuck in a sweaty basement bar, filled with stuck up posh 30 year old people listening to "I GOTTA FEELING by Black Eyed Peas," on a constant repeat, go ahead and where you can't even smoke in the garden after 10:30 . On the other hand, the chefs work extremely hard despite the menu is limited and it hardly reaches the new requirements for the Vegan/Vegetarian customers. This place is run by politically correct racist, bias people from the BAME community; if you're white and can speak better english than half the hood plebs that work here, they will fire you at the drop of a hat.

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Fred P

12 October 2009  
A bit of a hidden gem, that unless someone recommends it, you'd not likely find or try… a basement with an unprepossessing entrance that leads into a vast cavern, with a huge bar, and widely spaced and BIG tables – some of which are ideal for parties of 10 or so. Particularly good if you want to be able to actually talk to, and be HEARD by, your fellow guests – increasingly difficult in The Charlotte St area. Surprisingly good value, with a wide menu range that can meet most tastes. Not gourmet, but good, hearty food, fresh, well garnished, and nicely presented… extending traditional pub fare into more exotic ideas. Service slick and very friendly. They don't need to give special offers, cos the basic menu is such good value – many main courses around a fiver. Frequently changing blackboard specials. Two can easily eat and drink for under £50. Probably best avoided late evenings Tuesday-Saturday , unless you're into a disco scene…when it gets really busy. So let's keep it as ‘our’ little secret for lunchtime or early evening dining !!
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