Shake Shack Victoria

Nova Victoria, 79 Buckingham Palace Road , London, SW1W 0QU

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The burgers of this US Goliath might appear tame compared to the rock-and-roll efforts by our home-grown Davids, but there’s a reason Shake Shack has outlets worldwide – several actually. Firstly, it’s conscientious about sourcing, so its UK burgers use Aberdeen Angus beef and its hot dogs are made with free-range pork from an East Anglian farmer; further Anglophile flourishes include ale-marinated shallots and sundaes topped with St John London’s cult brown-sugar biscuits. Just as importantly, this fast-food joint also serves wine and beer – and exclusively bottled wines at that. Finally, don’t forget the chain’s other USP: a constantly rotating, tooth-rottingly sweet parade of frozen custards whose flavours range from toffee apple to chocolate-covered marshmallow, served as ‘concrete’ ice creams or thick shakes. All are welcome to join the queue, and no customer is denied the Shake Shack experience – they even do doggy treats. 

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Nova Victoria, 79 Buckingham Palace Road , London SW1W 0QU

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Food & Drink: 6.0


Service: 7.0


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Value: 4.0


Food + drink: 3

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 2

Gold Reviewer
28 February 2017

The building this is situated in The new Nova Centre .Its so new the builders round about are still putting the finishing touches to many of the restaurants next door. A large glass hi tech artrium style with of light and a profusion of seating areas for 100s was pretty much empty on a wet afternoon.It will perhaps be discovered by commuters? The Service is done well with over eager hired staff frequently communicating & enquiring how things are goingTables are meticulosly kept clean & cleared. What youd expect from The States I guess. You get handed an electronic buzzer device which flashes when your burger order is ready 7 it was pretty quickly. You can choose collect from counter or have brought to your table. However the crux of all this slickness is a tad over hyped & somewhat thin. A rather small & thin albeit "quality"cheesburger gone in 1 minute & 3 bites. Maybe thats why its called fast food? Left feeling hungry,noticeably.And £5 down. The chocolate desert-(was repeatedly informed "weve only got chocolate"),is billed as some sort of frozen custard conncotion but I found it to be a rather frozen and sickly sticky little tub that took a long time to scoop and eat a mix of frozen chocolate yoghurt & ice cream.Rather underwhelming.Oh well another £5 gone.(I noticed Hagen Daz is only £2 a large tub on offer at our local Supermarket). That was it.I felt hungrier than when Id gone in.If Id spent 3 times as much (£30)maybe not. Couldnt help thinking if this is food in The States its dissapointing reenforced by eventually weary experiencesof a US bakery up the road A good attempt at an upscale Macdonalds but still wanting......

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