Restaurant Gift Vouchers FAQs

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You can buy a Restaurant Gift Voucher which allows the recipient to choose which of these participating restaurants they wish to dine at.

SquareMeal offer traditional gift vouchers that can be redeemed by showing the voucher to the restaurant when you dine and smart vouchers - which allow you receive your voucher amount straight back to your credit or debit card after you dine - with no need to show to voucher at the restaurant. All gift vouchers can be easily converted into a smart voucher.

Traditional gift voucher redemption

You purchase your SquareMeal Gift Voucher online with SquareMeal Rewards points or cash. This allows you to spend your voucher in one of 100+ restaurants in the traditional way of showing your voucher code when you come to pay.

Traditional Gift Voucher FAQs

Q. Can I use my Restaurant Gift Voucher at any restaurant?

A. If you have a traditional gift voucher bought from SquareMeal, you can use it at any of our selected participating restaurants. We strongly advise that you make a booking in advance (either by telephone or via and mention that you will be paying with a SquareMeal Restaurant Gift Voucher. Vouchers are valid 72 hours after purchase.

You can redeem your voucher at a host of other UK restaurants by instead converting it to a Smart Voucher.

Q. Are there any additional fees or charges for sending vouchers?

A. There are no additional costs, you will only pay for the monetary value amount of the voucher you choose to purchase.

Q. I have sent the gift voucher to the wrong email address, what should I do?

Please email SquareMeal –

Q. What should I do if my gift voucher is lost or stolen?

A. If lost or stolen please email SquareMeal immediately: we will invalidate the original voucher so that it cannot be used. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm.

Q. Is there an expiry date on Restaurant Gift Vouchers?

A. All vouchers become valid 72 hours after purchase and they will expire 12 months from the purchase date.

Q. When will the Restaurant Gift Voucher be delivered to the recipient?

A. It can be delivered immediately on purchase or you can choose the date on which you wish it to be sent.

Q. Do I need to book the restaurant in order to use the gift voucher?

A. We would strongly advise that you always book to avoid disappointment. The voucher does not entitle you to a table within the restaurant.

Q. Can I use part of the gift voucher value?

A. You must use the full voucher amount. The restaurant cannot give change in cash or vouchers.

Q. Can I get change in vouchers if I do not spend the full amount?

A. No, you must spend the full amount of the voucher.

Smart gift voucher redemption

You also have the option to turn your traditional gift voucher into a "smart voucher". To do this, link your voucher to your credit or debit card through your SquareMeal account. Not only does this open up an additional 100+ restaurants where you can spend your voucher, it’s also a completely seamless process where you don’t need to present your voucher to the restaurant at all. After you have dined and paid using your linked credit or debit card, you will be sent an email asking if you would like to use your voucher for that meal. If you click yes then the value of your voucher will be credited back to the card you paid for the meal with.

Smart Voucher FAQs

Q. Can you credit my smart voucher to another card?

A. No, the voucher can only be credited to the card you paid for the meal with.

Q. I don’t want vouchers credited to my business credit card linked to my SquareMeal account.

A. You can turn on/off voucher redemption to each card you have linked straight from your SquareMeal account. Just edit the card and turn off ‘use for voucher redemption’.

Q. I don’t see my cards I added via my banking app?

A. Unfortunately you can’t credit your voucher to cards linked via your banking app. You can add these cards to your wallet in your My Account section.

Q. Does this work for all my linked cards?

A. At the moment it’s only for Visa & Mastercard. We hope to add American Express later in the year.

Q. What if I don’t spend more than the voucher amount, can I just use some of the voucher?

A. No, the amount you spend must be more than the voucher. If your spend isn’t higher than the voucher value we will wait for your next meal out.

Q. I have multiple vouchers, can I choose which one to use?

A. We will always use the oldest voucher that’s value is less than what you spent.

Q. How long does it take for the voucher credit to show on my card?

A. Typically it takes 10-14 days but can take up to 21 days. If you don’t see the credit in 21 days then please contact us.

Q. How will the credit look on my card statement?

A. The credit will show as from ‘SquareMeal’, not the restaurant you dined at.

Q. Do I need to tell the restaurant I’m using my smart voucher?

A. No, the restaurant doesn’t need to know as we take care of everything. In fact, many restaurants won’t even brief their staff on our vouchers because there is nothing for them to do.